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Bill Marriott's latest book "Without Reservations"

Without Reservations
George Bush Sr. Endorsement

“In Without Reservations, Bill Marriott shares the incredible and quintessentially American success story of his family and their profound impact on the global hospitality industry, making all of us feel just a little more at home around the world.”

Indra K. Nooyi, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo

"It's rare that someone like Bill Marriott comes along--his singular leadership has shaped the culture and the astounding success of a company of 300,000 people. Without Reservations reveals the enduring secrets of his incomparable leadership--a must read for anyone aspiring to build an enterprise, to lead or to succeed."

W. Mitt Romney, Former Massachusetts Governor and Bain Financial Founder

"As our world grows more interdependent with each passing day, the most profitable companies will be those that find ways to benefit society as a whole within the framework of their business models. Bill Marriott knew this long before the dawn of the 21st century, and his results speak for themselves—he has built an enormously successful global corporation on the idea that businesses should be responsible members of their communities, and that all people deserve respect and the opportunity to thrive."

President William “Bill” Clinton

“Valuable real-world lessons for leaders at every level from an inspirational and visionary business icon, who is a tireless advocate for the significant role travel plays in building our economy, putting people to work in rewarding long-term careers and enhancing public diplomacy.”

Roger J. Dow, President and CEO, U.S. Travel Association

“In this wonderful book, my good friend, Bill Marriott, shares valuable insight on how to succeed in business.  More importantly, however, he shares valuable insight on how to succeed in life.  His ’Recipe for Success’ especially is a must-read.”

President George H. W. Bush

“Bill Marriott is one of the best entrepreneurial minds in the business. He knows what it takes to build brands, relationships and a winning corporate culture. Without Reservations is a compelling story of how best-in-class service, integrity, loyalty and leadership turned a small, family business into one of the world’s most respected companies.”

Ken Chenault, CEO and Chairman, American Express

“Bill Marriott is a remarkable man who tells a remarkable story.  Everyone—young and old—can learn something from his lessons on leadership.  He has created a hotel company that is successful, not just because of its profits, but because of the opportunities it has created for people around the world.”

Mrs. Laura Bush, Former First Lady of the United States

Without Reservations is a testament to how a company creates a long-term competitive advantage in a service economy – it is all about the culture. Bill Marriott is the icon of the hotel industry today because he understands this principle better than anyone I have ever met. Without Reservations is a great read for those not just in our industry, but across our service economy.”

Michael D. Johnson, Dean - E.M. Statler Professor
Cornell University - School of Hotel Administration

In Without Reservations, hotel industry icon, J.W. “Bill” Marriott, Jr., shares the story of Marriott International, which began as a family-run root beer stand and grew into a leading global hotel company.

In 1964, just before being named president of the company, Marriott’s father, founder and then-CEO J. Willard Marriott, Sr., tucked a letter in his 32-year-old son’s desk drawer. The letter, printed in this book, contains guideposts that proved invaluable as Bill, Jr., blazed the trail for his company and the hospitality industry.

Part biography, part business digest, Without Reservations presents a candid perspective on achieving the pinnacle of one’s profession and lessons learned. As devoted to his family as he is to his “family” of 300,000 associates at managed and franchised hotels worldwide, Marriott reflects on compelling topics, including his three heart attacks; the impact of 9/11; and his 2011 decision to pass the CEO torch to Arne Sorenson, the first chief executive in the company’s 85-year history not named Marriott.

At 80, Bill Marriott hasn’t slowed down. He is still a company leader — now serving as executive chairman. He also has a growing following as a prolific blogger on .

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