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About eFolio

As a Rewards member, you can have your hotel bill automatically emailed to you after each stay at any of our hotels worldwide when you subscribe to eFolio. You only need to subscribe once, and may unsubscribe from eFolio whenever you wish.
How to subscribe to eFolio
  1. Sign in to your account. Not a member? Join now.
  2. Go to Edit Email Preferences
  3. Select eFolio; you may also add other email options by selecting the appropriate check boxes
  4. Enter "Save"
Then, whenever you book a stay, be sure to use your Rewards account number – this will prompt your bill to be sent to your email address of record. If you’ve applied your Rewards number to another guest’s reservation, their bill will be sent to your email address as well. You should inform that person that their bill will be emailed to you, unless they make alternative arrangements with a front desk associate during the stay.

Note: Email messages are sent through non-secure connections. Since your bill may contain personal information, please read the eFolio Security Disclosure.
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How to unsubscribe from eFolio
  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Go to  Edit Email Preferences
  3. Uncheck the box next to eFolio
  4. Enter "Save"
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Availability & Authenticity of Bills
An electronic version of your final hotel bill will be emailed to you within 72 hours of your departure. This email will reflect any changes made to your bill up to 11pm on your day of departure. Any adjustments after that time may not be shown. Marriott retains official records of all charges and credits to your account and will honor only those records.
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