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Frequently Asked Questions

What you get from Marriott Rewards®


More choices: What are the participating hotels?

Earn and redeem points at any of over 4,600 participating hotels in 92 countries and territories. Our portfolio of 16 distinctive brands includes:

  • The Ritz-Carlton®
  • JW Marriott® Hotels & Resorts
  • Autograph Collection®
  • Renaissance® Hotels
  • AC Hotels by Marriott®
  • Marriott Hotels & Resorts®
  • Gaylord Hotels®
  • Courtyard by Marriott®
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott®
  • SpringHill Suites by Marriott®
  • Residence Inn by Marriott®
  • TownePlace Suites by Marriott®
  • Marriott Vacation Club®
  • Protea Hotels®
  • Delta Hotels®

You can also earn points at these Marriott partner brands:

  • Marriott® Executive Apartments
  • ExecuStay®

You can also earn points or miles when you hold a qualified meeting or event at the following hotel brands:

  • The Ritz-Carlton®
  • JW Marriott® Hotels & Resorts
  • Autograph Collection®
  • Renaissance Hotels®
  • AC Hotels by Marriott®
  • Marriott Hotels & Resorts®
  • Gaylord Hotels®
  • Courtyard®
  • Fairfield Inn®
  • SpringHill Suites®
  • Marriott Vacation Club®

You can also redeem points for free stays at these Marriott partner hotel brands:

  • Ashford Castle
  • Dromoland Castle
More resorts, onsite golf + spas: What are my choices?

Marriott Rewards offers more resorts, golf and spas than any other hospitality program. Plus, our “no hassle” experience means you get benefits like no blackout dates, PointSavers® and the Best Rate Guarantee. Plus, only Marriott Rewards lets you book a redemption reservation in advance – even when you don’t have enough points – and then gives you the opportunity to earn what you need prior to your arrival.

More personalized experiences: How do I enter my preferences?

Marriott Rewards saves your preferences so you can be assured that everything will be just the way you want it, every time you check in – from your preferred credit card to how many towels you need, the pillows you like and the type room you want. You can update your preferences by logging on and visiting your “My Account”page.

Join Marriott Rewards


What is Marriott Rewards®?

Marriott Rewards is the award-winning frequent traveler program that rewards you with exclusive membership privileges when you travel, as well as your choice of frequent flyer miles in your preferred airline program, or points toward free vacations.

Is there a fee to join Marriott Rewards?

No, membership is free. Always. Simply complete the online enrollment form to join.

What are the benefits of joining Marriott Rewards?

Join Marriott Rewards and you can:

  • Earn points or frequent flyer miles at any participating locations throughout the world
  • Redeem points for rewards like free hotel stays, frequent flyer miles, vacation packages, cruises and more. There are over 250 ways to use your points. To see what rewards are currently available, search Travel & Leisure Rewards.

We also offer:

  • Guaranteed Lounge Access/ Breakfast
    Enjoy refreshments and complimentary breakfast for you and one guest in the lounge. In the U.S. and Canada, at hotels without a lounge or if the lounge is closed, you’ll have a choice of continental breakfast in the restaurant or 750 points. In Europe, hotels without a lounge offer a choice of breakfast for two in the restaurant or 750 points. See terms and conditions for full details and any exclusions.

    At JW Marriott®, Autograph Collection®, Renaissance Hotels® and Marriott Hotels® (Resorts, Courtyard Hotels and AC Hotels are excluded).
  • Exclusive offers that include hotel rate discounts, vacation sweepstakes entries and other travel deals
  • Benefits including priority check-in, no blackout dates (so you can go when and where you want), PointSavers (saving you up to 33% in points on stays), your preferences remembered (for fast, easy reference)
  • Dedicated Customer Service line
  • Online reservations + redemptions
  • eFolio, a feature enabling you to receive copies of your hotel bills by email after every stay
How do I join Marriott Rewards?

Simply enroll online and start enjoying your membership right away.

Information for new and returning members


How do I select my earning preference for miles or points for a stay?

You have the choice to earn either points or miles when you enroll in Marriott Rewards. If you prefer to earn miles, select your favorite airline and provide your frequent flyer program number.

If you have not indicated your earning preference, your earnings will default to points. You can switch to and from earning points to miles at any time by simply updating your online profile under My Account or by contacting Marriott Rewards Customer Support and notifying a representative in advance of your hotel stay.

What is a Marriott Rewards Elite member, and how can I become one?

After you join Marriott Rewards and stay a certain number of nights per year at Marriott hotel brands, you can earn Elite membership in Marriott Rewards:

  • Silver Level: stay 10-49 nights or hold 1-4 events per year at participating Marriott hotels
  • Gold Level: stay 50-74 nights or hold 5-7 events per year at participating Marriott hotels
  • Platinum Level: stay 75+ nights or hold 8+ events per year at participating Marriott hotels
How do I ensure I get my points or miles for any given stay?

Always be sure to provide your membership number when you make a reservation, and present your membership card when you check into the hotel.

What types of rewards can I earn with my points?

You have a choice of 250+ ways to redeem your points – many unexpected, including:

  • Free hotel stays
  • Frequent flyer miles
  • Vacation packages
  • Cruises
  • Car rentals
  • Rail passes
  • Sports & Leisure Rewards (golf and spa)
  • Sightseeing Rewards
  • Merchandise
  • Gift certificates

To help you make your choice, see the most current rewards in the Use Points section.

Can I request an electronic bill?

Yes, when you subscribe to eFolio. Simply sign up once and your hotel bill will be automatically emailed to you after each Marriott stay. eFolio is exclusively for Marriott Rewards members.

Can I access my hotel bill online?

Yes. Hotel bills for previous stays will appear in a member’s online account within 48 to 72 hours following checkout for hotel stays throughout the U.S. and Canada. To access, sign in and go to the Account Activity tab in My Account.

Now that you’ve reached a new level


What are my Elite level (Silver, Gold, Platinum) benefits?

Depending on your Elite level, you can enjoy even more advantages, including room upgrades, bonus points/miles and special discounts. Discover all of the benefits and start staying your way to the top!

Is there a way to compare the benefits of each level?

All benefits are clearly illustrated for your convenience. Please refer to the benefits chart for more information.

Will Platinum members earning airline miles receive a 50% point bonus?

All Elite bonuses are only valid for members who choose to earn points.

Planning your trip


Can I plan and book a redemption stay on a smartphone or tablet PC?

Marriott Mobile gives you complete, 24/7 access to and your personal Marriott Rewards account on any mobile device - from finding hotels, making reservations and exploring destinations to managing your Marriott Rewards account. Marriott Mobile is free and all information is transmitted over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and securely stored behind firewall-protected servers.

Can I purchase or transfer points if I don’t have enough for a stay?

You can purchase points for $12.50 USD per 1,000 points, up to a maximum of 50,000 posted to any Marriott Rewards account per calendar year – whether you have bought them for yourself or they have been gifted to you.

Points may also be transferred to your legal spouse or domestic partner at time of reward redemption provided he or she is also a Marriott Rewards member.

To purchase or transfer points, please contact Marriott Rewards Customer Support at 1-801-468-4000.

Can I give points as a gift?

You may purchase up to 50,000 gift points online for another member. Refer to Terms & Conditions for specific information.

Can I convert points to miles?

You may redeem your Marriott Rewards points for mileage on your preferred airline’s frequent flyer program when you book an air mileage reward.

Please allow approximately six weeks for miles to be posted to your frequent flier account. Contact Marriott Rewards Customer Support to inquire about express service (may include a fee).

What is “My Account” and how do I use it?

“My Account” provides you with complete information about your account, and is always available to you when you sign on to To access, you must first activate your online account by creating a password. Simply go to the “My Account” box in the upper right-hand corner of any page on, click “Set up online password” and enter your Rewards number, first and last name, country and zip/postal code (required for the U.S.). That’s it!

Then you’ll be able to access your point balance, total membership nights and rollover nights with Account Overview. There’s also Promotion Central, a one-stop resource for the latest member exclusive offers. You can also find your next reservation, plans a new trip, review your last recorded transaction and keep an eye on saving points for a vacation with DreamRewards Tracker.

And you can review your profile, saved hotels, travel preferences and interests, plus review your Rewards activity, unused certificates and more … giving you a new level of ease in managing and planning your travel.

What is “Saved Hotels”?

“Saved Hotels” is a list of your favorites (up to 20) that you can update as often as you please, giving you quick access to the hotel web site and reservations. You can easily open this list from the Marriott home page by selecting “My saved hotels” at the top of the hotel search card.

After I book my stay, is there any way to look up my reservations online?

Yes. Go to the My Account box in the upper right-hand corner of any page on and sign in. Go to My Account Overview. Your upcoming reservations will appear.



What if I change or delete my Facebook account?

You will still be able to sign in to Marriott Rewards by using your Rewards username and password.

How many times will I have to link my Marriott Rewards account to my Facebook account?

Just once, unless you choose to unlink your accounts or change your account information.

If I’m always signed into the social network account, will I always be signed into Marriott Rewards too?

No you will need to sign in with Facebook (or with your Marriott Rewards credentials) each time you come to Your session will timeout according to Marriott policy.

Will Facebook receive my Marriott Rewards information?

No. Marriott will keep your information confidential.

Will Marriott share any of my personal information or travel behavior with my social network?

No. Marriott will not share any private information with your Facebook friends.

Will Marriott post anything on my Facebook page?

No. Marriott will not post any information on your behalf.

Will Marriott get information from my Facebook account?

You will be asked permission before Facebook shares any information with Marriott. You can choose to edit your privacy settings when you link your accounts. You can also return to Facebook at any time to edit your settings.

Why do I see Facebook as an option to sign in to my account?

We're making it faster and easier to access your account by offering a new way to sign in.

If I login in with Facebook, do I still have access to all my account information?

Yes. Once you link your Facebook and Marriott Rewards accounts, you can do all the same things you normally do when you're signed in.

Is there any added benefit to signing in with Facebook?

Using Facebook means you don't have to remember your Marriott Rewards username and password each time you sign in. It also gives you the option to receive personalized offers from Marriott.

Earning and maximizing your points or miles


How else can I earn points?

You can earn points with the Marriott Rewards Credit Card program with each purchase you make using your card, with even higher earnings for your transactions at any Marriott brand hotel.

U.S. residents can choose from three different products:

  • Marriott Rewards Credit Card
  • Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card
  • Marriott Rewards Business Card

You will also earn points by planning an event or meeting at a Marriott hotel, and through various Rewards partners.

You’ll also want to check out the How You Earn section for more information on all of your earning options, including hotels stays, airline programs, travel services, retail and more.

What is PointSavers®?

PointSavers® lets you book a stay using fewer Marriott Rewards points to get free stays at Marriott hotels worldwide. To search for the entire Marriott family of hotels and Marriott Vacation Club® locations for PointSavers availability, simply:

  • Select the city and state or country
  • Add your travel dates to check availability
  • Verify your savings by locating the red indicator on the rate list (e.g “You’re saving 5,000 points”)
  • Make your reservation
If I choose to earn miles, how many miles will I earn?

The number of miles you can earn varies by hotel brand and the participating airline program. You can also earn up to 15,000 miles per event when you host a qualified meeting or event at a participating hotel.

How will I keep track of the points or miles I've earned?

There are two ways to track your earnings:

  • Account statements with a summary will be sent to you periodically by mail
  • My Account, which gives you all of the information on your earnings online when you sign in, as well as other account information such as your preferences.
How do I get credit for a missing stay?

You may email, mail or fax your missing stay requests.
To email: Send a copy of your eFolio to You can also scan a copy of your printed hotel folio (bill) and email it to
To mail: Mail a printed copy of your hotel folio (bill) along with your Marriott Rewards account number to the Marriott Rewards Customer Support location near you.
To fax: Print a fax-in “Missing Stays” form for by signing in to My Account and clicking on the link for missing stays.

How long does it take for a stay to post to my account?

It may take up to 10 business days after check-out for a stay to post. If after 10 business days you do not see the stay on your account, please submit a missing stay request.

Using your points


How many points do I need for a free stay?

Hotel categories determine the number of Marriott Rewards points necessary to redeem for a free night. For instance a category 1 hotel requires 7,500 points while a category 4 hotel requires 20,000 points. Marriott Rewards has 9 hotel categories and Ritz-Carlton Rewards has 5 hotel tiers which are determined by prior year redemption volume at each hotel and are not determined by brand, rate, amenities, location, or services offered. A hotel’s category can change based on the number of redemption nights at that property in the prior year. Marriott Rewards makes an effort to minimize these changes to maintain stability across the portfolio of properties.

Can I use my points for rewards online?

Yes. You can redeem your points online for hotel rewards and all other rewards except for vacation packages by entering your Marriott Rewards number when you book your stay and checking the box below marked “Use Marriott Rewards points”. Please call 1-800-MARRIOTT (627-7468) to redeem packages.

How do I use points for a stay at a Marriott brand hotel?

To redeem points for free stays at any participating hotel, first locate the hotel's category (for Marriott) or tier (for The Ritz-Carlton). This information can be found on the category/tier chart and on the hotel's website.

To redeem points, sign into your Marriott Rewards account. Then, select the "Use Rewards Points" box in the hotel search box or during the reservation process. If you have enough points when you make your reservation, your reward E-Certificate will automatically be forwarded to your hotel. For further assistance with redeeming points, contact Customer Support.

How do I use points for a stay at The Ritz-Carlton?

Once you select a hotel from the list of participating hotels, call 1-800-241-3333 to make a reservation at a participating Ritz-Carlton hotel. You may order a certificate by calling 1-801-468-4000.

What if I don’t have the points for a hotel reward when I book my stay?

What if I don't have enough points at the time of my reservation to redeem my hotel reward?
If you have the required amount of points when you first make your reward reservation or later modify it, your points will automatically be deducted from your account when you submit your new or modified reservation.

If you do not have enough points, you can still reserve your room. When you make your reservation, you must select "Use Marriott Rewards Points". Your room will be reserved, yet your reward redemption will not be processed. Instead, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your room reservation only.

Before your stay, you’ll either need to purchase points (maximum 50,000 points per account per year), or make additional stays to earn enough points to cover the difference.

Once you have enough points for your stay, you can order your reward online. Then look up your reservations and use the link to order your reward certificate.

Your points will be redeemed for your stay, and you’ll receive an email confirmation of your reward order along with a reminder of your reservation information.

Please note that e-Certificates are automatically sent to your hotel only and will be available at check-in.

How do I use points for a stay within 48 hours?

Please call Reservations by consulting our Worldwide Reservations directory.

What is Instant Redemption, and how do I use it?

You can choose to use your points on the spot during a stay on anything that is ordinarily billed to your room – from cocktails or dinner to a massage or golf Dinner – even a room upgrade or an extra day of vacation. There’s no certificates, no waiting.

How do I use points for air miles?

Once you have requested air miles rewards, the mileage will be transferred to your frequent flyer account.

How do I use points for things like car rentals, rail tickets or cruises?

Simply choose a reward and review the Terms & Conditions. If applicable, you can make a reservation with the reward provider (most made by phone) and indicate you want to use your Rewards points.

How do I use points for merchandise?
How do I get express delivery of my certificate?

Paper certificates cost $10 and may take 10 business days to arrive in the US; up to 4 weeks elsewhere. E-certificates for reward stays at Marriott hotelsrequire about 24 hours to process. For express delivery, contact Marriott Rewards Customer Service.

How do I cancel a reward?

To cancel a hotel reward, look up your reservation and select the option to "cancel." Both your reservation and reward certificates will be cancelled. For all other reward cancellations, please contact Customer Service. All points will be credited to your Rewards account.

What if I need a paper certificate?

Paper certificates cost $10 and may take 10 business days to arrive in the US; up to 4 weeks elsewhere. E-certificates for reward stays at Marriott hotels, require about 24 hours to process. For express delivery, contact Marriott Rewards Customer Service.

What does it mean to have “No Blackout Dates”?

Hotels have standard rooms available for redemptions every day. Blackout dates traditionally refer to a limited number of dates on which a hotel could choose not to accept redemptions. With our “No Blackout Dates” policy, hotels will no longer have blackout dates for redemptions. Hotels may limit the number of standard rooms available for redemption on a limited number of days.

Can I use my 5th free night toward another redemption stay?

The 5th night must be booked at the time of the reservation and applied in conjunction with the same stay.

If I use my points for a 10 night stay, are my 5th AND 10th nights free?

Yes. When you redeem for 10 nights, your 5th and 10th redemption nights will be free and not require any additional points.

Will my 5th free night be automatically applied for a redemption stay?

The 5th night free is automatically applied when you reserve for minimum 5-night redemption stay. A minimum stay of 5 redemption nights at one hotel is required to receive the 5th night free.

Does “Redeem for 4 Nights, Get the 5th Free” apply to upgraded rooms?

The “Redeem for 4 Nights Get the 5th Night Free” award only applies to standard rooms. If you want to redeem points for an upgraded room type, you will need an upgrade award for each night of the stay, including the 5th night.

If a hotel has rooms available for cash, why can’t I redeem points?

Although every participating hotel makes standard rooms available for redemption every day, there may be times when a room is available for cash sale but not for point redemption, such as:

  • No Blackout Dates, which only applies to standard rooms. The hotel may have sold out of standard rooms for both cash and point redemption. The remaining rooms available for cash sale may be upgraded rooms.
  • The date is an approved Inventory Control Date. On a limited number of nights, hotels may limit the number of rooms available for redemption. You may be trying to redeem on one of these nights and the hotel has already reached its maximum number of redemptions.

If you have additional questions regarding the availability of rooms for the redemption of Marriott Rewards points, please contact us to research the specific dates in question.

Using Cash + Points 


Does the Cash + Points benefit exist today?

Yes, members are currently able to combine cash and points for stays of two or more nights. Rewards will be changing Cash + Points in early 2016 to offer members more flexibility.

How is Cash + Points changing in 2016?

In early 2016, the NEW Cash + Points will give Rewards members the flexibility to use a mix of cash and points within a single night on redemption reservations.

When will the NEW Cash + Points be available for booking?

The launch date will be announced soon, and the NEW Cash + Points will be available for booking in early 2016.

Will the NEW Cash + Points be available for members of both Marriott Rewards® and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards®?

Yes, both Marriott Rewards and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards will offer the NEW Cash + Points. Participation will vary by hotel.

Will the NEW Cash + Points follow No Blackout Dates?

No, members will be able to redeem their points for the NEW Cash + Points at participating Marriott brand hotels and The Ritz-Carlton hotels when available.  Participation will vary by hotel.


Will I earn Elite night credits with the NEW Cash + Points?

Yes, you will earn one Elite night credit for every night redeemed and stayed using the NEW Cash + Points.

Will I earn points on the cash portion of the NEW Cash + Points?

No, members will not earn points on the cash portion of the NEW Cash + Points.

Will the NEW Cash + Points count toward “Redeem 4 Nights, Get the 5tTh Night Free”?

No, the NEW Cash + Points will not count toward “Redeem 4 Nights, Get the 5th Night Free.”

Will the NEW Cash + Points amounts fluctuate?

No, the NEW Cash + Points amounts will remain the same within each hotel category. Please refer to the chart below for further details.

Contact Customer Support

To get the most from your Rewards membership, you can contact Customer Support by email, phone, fax or regular mail.

Marriott Rewards