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Travel Reward Programs


Search below to find rewards based on the number of points you have available.

Airline and Travel Rewards

Please note: Once frequent flyer miles have been requested, miles will automatically be transferred to your frequent flyer account. Please allow approximately six weeks for miles to be posted to your frequent flyer account or contact your local Marriott Rewards office to inquire about express service (may include a fee).

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Save with RewardsPlus from Marriott Rewards® and United MileagePlus®

Get a 20% discount when you convert Marriott Rewards points to United MileagePlus award miles with RewardsPlus, a program created to enhance every step of your travel journey. You’ll see your savings reflected in the chart below. Discover all the advantages of RewardsPlus.

Reward Points Details
2,000 MileagePlus miles 8,000 Order
5,000 MileagePlus miles 16,000 Order
10,000 MileagePlus miles 24,000 Order
25,000 MileagePlus miles 56,000 Order
50,000 MileagePlus miles 112,000 Order

Aeromexico, Aeroplan (Air Canada), Alaska, American Airlines, British Airways, Copa Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, GOL/Varig, Hawaiian Airlines, Iberia Airlines, Virgin Atlantic

Aeroflot, Air China, Air France/KLM, Alitalia, ANA, Asia Miles, Asiana Airlines, Avianca-TACA, China Eastern, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, Korean Air SKYPASS, LAN, Lufthansa Miles & More, Multiplus, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Saudia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways,  TAP Air Portugal, Turkish Airlines

Reward Points Details
2,000 Miles or Avios 10,000 Order
5,000 Miles or Avios 20,000 Order
10,000 Miles or Avios 30,000 Order
25,000 Miles or Avios 70,000 Order
50,000 Miles or Avios 140,000 Order
Reward Points Details
1,500 Miles 10,000 Order
3,500 Miles 20,000 Order
7,000 Miles 30,000 Order
17,500 Miles 70,000 Order
35,000 Miles 140,000 Order

Southwest Airlines

JetBlue Airways

Reward Points Details
2,000 Rapid Rewards Points 10,000 Order
5,000 Rapid Rewards Points 20,000 Order
10,000 Rapid Rewards Points 30,000 Order
25,000 Rapid Rewards Points 70,000 Order
50,000 Rapid Rewards Points 140,000 Order
Reward Points Details
1,000 TrueBlue 10,000 Order
2,500 TrueBlue 20,000 Order
5,000 TrueBlue 30,000 Order
12,500 TrueBlue 70,000 Order
25,000 TrueBlue 140,000 Order

Identity Points at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Enhance your experience at The Cosmopolitan*

Reward Points Details
2,000 Identity Points at The Cosmopolitan 5,000 Order
10,000 Identity Points at The Cosmopolitan 25,000 Order
50,000 Identity Points at The Cosmopolitan 125,000 Order
100,000 Identity Points at The Cosmopolitan 250,000 Order

*Identity Points from partner exchange will not be considered for Identity tier advancement.