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Students and Recent Graduates

Students and Recent Graduates

If you are a university student or recent graduate with the aspiration to become a leader and the determination to succeed, our internship and management training programs offer you more than training. They provide you with powerful, life-defining experiences.

The Voyage Global Leadership Development Program

This extensive program for recent university graduates focuses on developing leadership skills for management roles throughout our company and with our partner, Marriott International. Designed to shape your career and expand your horizons, the Voyage program will immerse you in our rich culture and Marriott’s diverse portfolio of brands.

Voyage is a paid 12- to 18-month, full-time leadership development program offering opportunities to prepare you for your career. Learn more.

Internships, Apprenticeships and Trainee Positions

Experience the hospitality business and discover what it takes to build a career in a leading global business.

Internships, apprenticeships and trainee opportunities vary by country, but all offer a combination of on-the-job training and an introduction to our culture and values. Programs generally last 8 to 12 weeks, but may extend to 12 months or longer in certain locations.

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The Steward


At The Ritz-Carlton Washington, D.C., the Steward plays a pivotal role in all events, focused on every detail. Through constant communication, the steward sees to it that no matter how large, last-minute or complex a function may be, to guests it is perfectly planned, as if it were choreographed and rehearsed for months.

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