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FAQs About The Ritz-Carlton

Now that you have learned about The Ritz-Carlton, you may have questions that can be answered below.  If there is a question that is not answered here, please ask the Human Resources representative at the location where you are applying.

Selection Process

Is it difficult to get a job with The Ritz-Carlton?

The Ritz-Carlton selects Ladies and Gentlemen who are the best fit for open positions. Our selection process ensures your experience, skills and interest in providing exceptional service are suitable for our business and the job opening. This is also an opportunity to decide if The Ritz-Carlton is the right place for you and let you ask questions that may arise during the  process.

How long is the application process?

The Ritz-Carlton is committed to selecting the best talent. This requires several steps that are designed to help us learn more about your experiences and abilities, and for you to learn more about us. This process may take several weeks depending on the position, location and volume of applicants. You can learn more by visiting Our Selection Process.

How can I follow-up on my application once I have applied?

To follow-up on your application, please contact the Human Resources office at the location where you applied.

Is a computer required to apply for a job with The Ritz-Carlton?

You may search for a job on a computer or mobile device. However, you will need a computer to apply to The Ritz-Carlton. If you do not have a computer, consider going to your local public library, community-based organization, or a friend or family member's home to apply. If you are in the United States and need an accommodation to complete the electronic employment application, please call 301-581-1400. Leave a message and a member of our Human Resources team will return your call within three business days. Please note this line is only for those individuals who need an accommodation to apply for a job.

How do I apply if my browser isn’t working on your site?

If you have difficulty, we recommend using a computer in your local public library, community-based organization or at a friend's home. You can also apply on a computer at the location where you are interested in working. See Technical Guidelines for further information.

How do I request an accommodation if I have a disability?

The Ritz-Carlton provides reasonable accommodations to applicants upon request. If you need a reasonable accommodation to apply, please contact the Human Resources office at the location where you are interested.

Working for The Ritz-Carlton

Do I need to have hospitality experience to apply?

While some positions will require previous, relevant experience, there are many ways to start a career at The Ritz-Carlton without hospitality experience. Please visit Career Opportunities to learn about the types of positions within our company.

What are the learning and development opportunities?

Ladies and Gentlemen at The Ritz-Carlton are offered numerous opportunities to learn and grow. Visit Lifetime Learning Opportunities for further information.

Do you sponsor employees for citizenship or visas?

Employees are responsible for ensuring and providing proof of the right to work in the country where the job is located. In limited circumstances, The Ritz-Carlton may assist with sponsorship. The location where you are applying will inform you if sponsorship is available. For further information please see the J1 and F1 Visa information available from our parent company, Marriott International.

I am interested in working for a location that hasn't opened yet.

Key management positions are filled well in advance of a new hotel opening. A few months before the hotel opening, we begin looking for potential Ladies and Gentlemen for all other positions, and those jobs are posted on The Ritz-Carlton Careers site. We cannot accept applications or CVs/resumes until a position has been posted. You may search and apply for all current job postings.


How do current employees apply for positions or transfers?

If you are currently employed by The Ritz-Carlton or Marriott International, there are many opportunities to grow your career by transferring to another location. The Human Resources team at your current location can provide guidance on any eligibility criteria and how to apply for a transfer.


Does The Ritz-Carlton offer vacation, healthcare or other benefits?

Please visit Benefits to learn more about the array of benefits offered to our Ladies and Gentlemen. Benefits may vary by location, so as you go through our Selection Process, please direct any questions to the location where you are applying.

Does The Ritz-Carlton offer relocation?

Relocation is an available benefit for selected positions. If relocation benefits are offered, it will be indicated on the job description when you apply.

Management Training and Internships

Do you offer management trainee opportunities?

Yes. Our management training program is called Voyage. Please visit the Students and Recent Graduates page for more information about the program and to apply for a position in the program.

Does The Ritz-Carlton visit my school or university?

Our representatives visit campuses around the world to meet students interested in hospitality. Check with your school's career services calendar to see whether we are visiting your campus. In certain locations, representatives from our parent company, Marriott International may visit schools on behalf of The Ritz-Carlton. Even if we do not visit your school, all students are welcome to apply to our management development program, Voyage, or apply for open positions for which they feel qualified.

Does The Ritz-Carlton offer internships?

Yes, The Ritz-Carlton offers paid internships at selected locations throughout the year. Please visit the Students and Recent Graduates page to search for available internships and learn more about our programs for university students and graduates.

Company Information Requests

For school projects, who do I contact?

We are delighted you are interested in learning more about our company. While we cannot share proprietary or confidential information, you can learn more about The Ritz-Carlton on our corporate website . We also recommend reading “The New Gold Standard,” a book about the successes of The Ritz-Carlton by Dr. Joseph Michelli. You can also learn more by visiting our corporate Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Where can I learn more about Ritz-Carlton best practices?

The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, founded in 1999, works with companies interested in benchmarking our company business practices. Courses are taught by staffed Certified Leadership Center Ambassadors and expert consultants. Visit the Leadership Center site to learn more.

Marriott International

Is The Ritz-Carlton part of Marriott International?

The Ritz-Carlton is a subsidiary of Marriott International, Inc. As a part of Marriott, Ritz-Carlton employees have thousands of opportunities to transfer to other Marriott brands.

Is The Ritz-Carlton a public company?

The Ritz-Carlton is a subsidiary of Marriott International, Inc., which is a public company. Marriott International, Inc. trades on The NASDAQ Global Select Market with the ticker symbol MAR. You can view the current stock price online via our investor relations page.

Can I apply for Marriott positions on your career site?

The Ritz-Carlton Careers site features positions at The Ritz-Carlton locations only. To apply for positions with Marriott International, please visit the Marriott Careers site. Current Ritz-Carlton employees who are looking to transfer to another Ritz-Carlton location may visit the Search and Apply page and choose the link titled ‘Current employee transfer requests’.

Why did I find a Marriott job on your career site?

In some locations around the world, there are hybrid positions where a Lady or Gentlemen might work for a combined Ritz-Carlton/Marriott location. Please direct any questions to the location where you are applying.

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