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JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa

221 N Rampart Blvd · Las Vegas, Nevada 89145 USA

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Spa Aquae

  • +1-702-869-7807
  • Appointment is Required

Spa Services

Water and its healing power are at the heart of the world-class Spa Aquae. Our salon in Las Vegas is a luxury center for beauty and wellness built on the foundations of ancient therapeutic wisdom and water’s healing power. With the best of modern science and human touch, we soothe your body, mind and spirit.Massage Licensing Number: M03-00059


Spa Aquae Features

  • 6 pedicure stations
  • 5 manicure stations
  • 4 hairstyling stations
  • 4 makeup stations
  • 36 treatment rooms for facials, massages and other body treatments
  • Indoor and outdoor relaxation and Aquae Ritual areas
  • Champagne, mimosas and spa cuisine available

One of our knowledgeable Spa Coordinators looks forward to speaking with you to answer any questions you may have. Toll Free: 1-877-869-8777.

Our Menu of Massage Services

Aquae Signature Sampler Massage
Customize this massage to fit your specific needs. Choose from a variety of modalities: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Desert Stone, Reflexology, Scalp, Foot or Aromatherapy.

50/80/110 minutes – $175/$225/$305

A full body massage with light to medium pressure for the relief of general tension. Long gliding strokes and kneading techniques improve circulation and reduce stress.

50/80 minutes - $140/$190

Deep Tissue
Firm pressure applied to specific areas of stress and tension helping to relax and rejuvenate the body. Great relief for tired and tight muscles.

50/80 minutes - $165/$215

25 Minutes of pure bliss. Your choice of Scalp, Foot, or Neck Back and Shoulders. Perfect for those on the go or add to any treatment for an enhanced experience.

25 minutes - $85

Aroma Journey Massage
Mental, physical and emotional enrichment is often achieved in experiencing a variety of aromas. A scent journey awaits you.

50/80 minutes - $150/$200

Desert Stone Therapy
The use of heated stones massaged into sore and tired muscles creates a sense of well being, comfort and healing.

50/80 minutes - $155/$205

Sports Massage
Applied skillfully, massage is the most effective therapy for restoring balance to overused muscled during exercise. Athletes can receive specially tailored massages based on guest’s athletic activity and subsequent areas of muscle tension.

50/80 minutes - $165/$215

Pregnancy massage can help safely relieve discomfort using proper support and a nurturing touch. Massage is permitted after first trimester.

50/80 minutes - $145/195

Massage Enhancements


A Jojoba and Pumice exfoliation smooths and softens dry rough feet.



Take your massage to the next level with a bouquet of aromas specially picked by you.



Kick it up a notch with firm pressure applied to specific areas of stress and tension. The perfect relief for tired and tight muscles.



Anti-aging mask that will replenish, nourish, and hydrate the eyes or lips for a younger-looking appearance.



Imagine a tropical escape while you receive a warm, ultra-hydrating scalp and hair treatment.



A cooling menthol gel is applied to sore, tired muscles to help decrease pain and relieve tension.



Unwind into bliss with the addition of heated stones which create a sense of well-being, comfort and healing.


Body Treatments

Hydrate, exfoliate, detoxify, or just melt into relaxation with our refreshing body treatments.

Detox Seaweed Wrap
A warm body mask of rich seaweed is recommended for its impressive detoxifying properties. The purest concentrated marine plants activate circulation, freeing toxins and allowing for maximum absorption of minerals.

80 minutes - $195

Vichy Rain Therapy
Vichy showers provide a warm tropical rain enhancing and improving circulation and hydrating the skin to eliminate stress from your mind, body and soul. Begin with a full-body sugar scrub followed by an application of tropical body butter to reveal new healthy skin.

50 minutes - $165

Aquae Signature Lost in Paradise
Your island transformation begins with your choice of Pure Fiji Coconut or Starfruit sugar scrub to exfoliate the skin followed by a tropical body butter massage.

50/80/110 minutes – $165/$205/$295

Sculpt Zone Intensive Wrap and Massage
An intensive localized treatment on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs to beat excess fat and cellulite in record time. Body Treatment includes body brushing, a “fat-burning” thermos-sculpting body wrap and an intensive targeted controlling massage.

80 minutes – $195

Spa Day Packages

The Renewal
Combining the healing waters of Spa Aquae with the desert essence of Las Vegas this package provides a sense of renewal and rejuvenation. This 175 minute package includes a Desert Stone Massage, CITYLIFE Facial and Quench Manicure and Pedicure.

175 minutes – $352

The Gentleman's Experience
Designed specifically for men, the Gentleman’s Experience relaxes away tension and soreness from work or play and soothes away the rough edges. This 130 minute package includes the Sports Massage and Organic Male Facial.

130 minutes - $284

Aquae Signature Package
Enjoy true spa pampering with our most popular signature treatments combined. This 210 Minute signature package features the Lost in Paradise, Hydrating Seawater Pearl Facial, and Paradise Pedicure.

210 minutes - $424

For an optimal wellness experience we combine our Shirodhara Ritual, Bindi, and Rose Quartz Facial for 210 Minutes of pure bliss.

210 minutes - $492


Aquae Holistic Massage - A Signature Experience
This unique experience seduces the senses. Skin is gently polished before steamed fragrant linen bundles, filled with marine salt crystals and lavender buds, deliver warmth throughout the massage. Inhale their hypnotic perfumes as the sachets are pressed onto aching muscles and energy meridians. The massage movements are combined with stretching to unwind areas of tension and restore balance to the entire body.

80 minutes - $205

Shirodhara Ritual
Surrender to the hypnotic effects of this ancient Ayurvedic treatment to relieve tension, anxiety, and stress. After selecting your choice of aromatherapy oil, you will go through deep breathing techniques to calm your senses followed by a neck and shoulder massage. Warm sesame oil will then gently cascade onto the forehead, your third eye, and a scalp massage will be performed. This blissful journey will conclude with a full-body massage.

80 minutes - $235

This ritual includes a relaxing aromatic experience where you will choose the perfect blend of oils to complement and bring balance to your specific dosha. Rose Quartz rollers provide a rejuvenating massage helping to revitalize the skin.

80 minutes - $205

A full body masque using warm crushed herbs to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. An herbal infused oil is lightly massaged on the skin to conclude this balancing treatment.

50 minutes - $175

Couples Experiences

Experience shared moments as you move together through the invigorating chambers of the Hydrotherapy Circuit Pool, and unwind to the sounds of falling water during a soak in the outdoor hot plunge. The warmth of the coed steam and sauna create deep relaxation before you continue on to the tranquility of our special couple’s therapy suite.

Couples Therapies

Design the perfect treatment for two. Choose from a variety of modalities; Deep Tissue, Swedish, Desert Stone, Scalp, Foot and Aromatherapy.

50/80/110 minutes - $370/$470/$630

Couples Massage
Celebrate the art of love with your partner while enjoying a relaxing side by side Swedish massage in one of our private couples’ rooms.

50/80 minutes - $300/$400

Couples Desert Stone Therapy
Warm stones leave you and your loved one feeling relieved of tension and stress, while transporting yourselves into romantic bliss.

50/80 minutes - $330/$430

Facials at Spa Aquae blend modern science and trusted techniques to address a variety of needs.


Aquae Signature Seawater Pearl Facial
Red seaweed and liquid calcium hydrate and nourish the skin while promoting rapid absorption of active ingredients to help rm and tone. Great for all skin types.

50/80 minutes – $165/$215

An excellent introduction to facials, helping to deep cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate with a combination of powerful ingredients. Great for all skin types.

50/80 minutes - $140/$190

A specific Wrinkle Eraser and serum containing Botox-like ingredients smooths expression lines around the eyes and forehead. Face Shapers and plumping Hyaluronic Acid filler serums fills deeps lines around the mouth and cheeks to re-volumize youthful skin texture.

80 minutes - $235

XMF Anti-Aging
An anti-aging facial containing XMF, a 100% natural biotechnological ingredient, combined with NUFACE micro current technology that instantly smoothes wrinkles and tightens skin. Does not include extractions.

80 minutes - $220

Designed to counteract the destructive effects of pollution and urban lifestyle, this facial detoxifies and oxygenates the skin. Includes a customized complexion enhancing serum and a Detox Oxgen infused mask applied with a tranquilizing double brush massage.

50 minutes - $165

Organic Male
Botanicals specifically selected to combat environmental damage and sensitivities in men's skin; balancing, purifying, and restorative. Ideal for all men's skin needs.

50 minutes - $140

Skin Express
A perfect pick-me-up cleansing facial tailored to skin type and needs. No extractions are preformed during this facial.

25 minutes – $85

Facial Enhancements

Collagen  -   $25
Fine lines are diminished, skin is tightened, elasticity is improved and moisture is balanced with an infusion of pure collagen.

Vitamin C - $35
Designed to promote hydration, brighten, and tighten skin tone. Great for hyperpigmentation.

Lip - $25
Soothing and moisturizing ingredients soften and smooth delicate tissues and restore plumpness for a youthful and beautiful effect.

Eye - $25
For virtually every eye area concern: lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, and eyes lacking tone.

NUFACE Microcurrent - $35
Microcurrent technology gently stimulates skin to help improve skins elacticity.

Glycolic - $35
This natural acid provides deeper exfoliation to stimulate collagen production, soften fine lines and enhance hydration. Skin is silky to the touch.