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Dallas Hotels
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Dallas Hotels

Whether your bags are packed for work, or vacation, you'll love the history and non-stop entertainment on your stay at one of our Dallas hotels.

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Easy accessibility, friendly folks, colorful style, and mild weather - these help make the "Big D" a great city to visit. Outstanding hotels in Dallas are conveniently located throughout this sophisticated city, home to 13 entertaining districts that brim with trendy restaurants, awesome shops and plenty of personality.

Dallas is about a four hour flight from most North American destinations and features the nation's 3rd largest airport. This makes the city is a dominating force in the convention, meetings and tourism industry. From sleek conference hotels near one of the Dallas airports to five-star high rises in the center of downtown, travelers can expect to find a Dallas hotel at just about any price point.

Courtesy of one of the nation's fastest growing light rail systems, getting around Dallas can be as easy as two-stepping. If a more leisurely pace is in order, escape to White Rock Lake, or hop on the historic McKinney Avenue trolley and enjoy the Uptown sights. Be sure to visit the West End Historic District and Marketplace, which boasts a festive mix of boutiques, nightclubs, restaurants and street entertainers. History buffs should visit The Sixth Floor Museum, dedicated to JFK, or skip over to Fort Worth's historic Stockyards. And let's not forget how big of a sports town this is - from the Cowboys to the Mavericks, you can bet something's in season every season.

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