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France Hotels
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France Hotels

From Paris to Nice, discover unique France hotels that put you near the very best regions in a quintessential European country.

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The boats of Marseilles, the bells of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the burgundies of Bordeaux: for the traveler in France, the sensory delights are unending.

Stretching from the cool waters of the English Channel to the limestone cliffs of the Mediterranean coast, France offers tremendous regional variety and things to do for every interest. With a France hotel as a base for exploration, stroll along the Boulevard Saint-Michel in Paris, pausing just long enough to choose an artisan pastry at a charming patisserie. Or rent a bicycle in Provence and tour the rolling hills, breathing in the aroma of flowering lavender.

Our hotel concierges in France are familiar with travelers seeking the pleasure of French cuisine. One might start with a crepe, which originated in Brittany but is now a ubiquitous option. Finding a creperie will be easier than deciding on sweet or savory. Whether trying a baguette with cheese or indulging in a fine dining experience, fresh and simple are hallmarks of French food. Naturally, wine is a part of the food experience, and if you'e in a celebratory mood, head to the Champagne region for the eponymous sparkling wine. Or, if you like adventure, head to the region of Bordeaux, home to La Cite du Vin (City of Wine), a wine theme park that is part museum, part world's fair.

These iconic experiences help make France a perennial top tourism destination, with a variety of places to stay across France to welcome visitors.

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