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New Jersey Hotels
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New Jersey Hotels

From the historic architecture in Princeton (at its namesake university) to the picturesque beaches of Cape Bay, New Jersey offers popular destinations for any vacation.

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1-20 81 Hotels
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New Jersey

Guests staying in New Jersey hotels find the “Garden State” has far more to offer than just farm-fresh produce. In fact, a little known Jersey secret is that the state is home to over 40 wineries producing more than 225 delectable varietals. Check out local favorites like Heritage Winery or Tomasello Winery.

Guests in New Jersey’s select hotels also enjoy hiking in the pristinely maintained state parks. With roughly 50 state parks and recreational areas, an outdoor escape is never too far from your New Jersey hotel. And of course, no visit to Jersey would be complete without a trip to the beach, or Jersey Shore as it is affectionately known. From tanning and surfing to bar hopping and people watching, this famous Atlantic coast destination ensures plenty of fun in the sun for New Jersey’s hotel patrons.

New Jersey is also one of the most ethnically diverse states in the United States, and ‘Foodies’ staying in any of New Jersey’s select hotels can sample multiple cuisine types during a single stay. And when the sun goes down, the night action really heats up. New Jersey has packed in more restaurants, casinos and nightclubs than it seems possible, offering guests a myriad of choices for after-dark fun.

Whether you’re into the beaches or the boardwalks, clubs or casinos, life memories are just a jaunt away from any New Jersey hotel.

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