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Spain Hotels
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Spain Hotels

Choose Spain as your prime European destination and get close to ornate architecture, stunning beaches and mountain ranges, Catalan eats and vibrant nightlife.

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Imagine an afternoon siesta in the shade of a cork tree or a lunch of pescaito frito at the Mediterranean Sea. Imagine a vacation full of leisure, excitement, beautiful surroundings and delicious cuisine. Imagine a visit to Spain, which will satisfy all vacationing dreams with its rich culture, refreshing climate and plentiful possibilities for enjoyment.

Guests of our Spain hotels will encounter no end of entertainment. Enjoy the noise and excitement of Hispania’s famous bullfights or colorful festivals. In Madrid, all ages will love the Zoo Aquarium de la Casa de Campo, home to more than 3,000 animals. And don’t miss the Parque de Attraciones: this theme park offers paintball, movies, and more alongside exciting rides. Make sure you carve out some time to discover Barcelona, aka Barca, which serves up out-of-this-world Catalonian eats, the breathtaking La Sagrada Familia Basilica, miles of beaches and renowned retail.

The word “Spain” also conjures up visions of such enjoyments as tapas, paella, and of course, soccer (football), and our accommodations in Spain are never far from these delights. For elegant dining, look no further than Zalacain in Madrid. After a delicious meal, sports fans can venture from their hotels in Spain to enjoy the unparalleled excitement of a football game.

Spain is more than beaches and football. The country is home to five mountain ranges that offer year-round thrills to both beginner and experienced climbers, skiers and hikers.

With its unique history, landscapes, entertainment and cuisine, Spain offers a vacation experience unlike any other.

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