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Ben Voogd

J.Willard Marriott

Navigator Concierge
Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bringing a World of Experiences to His Guests

While much has changed in the 31 years Ben Voogd has been with the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel, one thing hasn’t changed: his dedication to taking care of the customer and ensuring every guest has a great stay. “You have to love your city, your country and your hotel,” says Ben, who was born and raised in Amsterdam. “If you have that love, it is so easy to take care of your guests.” And Ben offers his guests a unique and invaluable perspective on Amsterdam through his personal knowledge of the city.

When asked what advice he gives to other Concierges, Ben’s first response is always, “Travel!” He believes visiting hotels and experiencing other cultures allows him to see how other Marriott associates take care of their guests. In fact, Ben credits the Marriott travel discount as one of the biggest reasons for his success as a Renaissance Navigator. He’s been able to travel to every country in Europe, as well as the U.S., keeping those glimpses into different cultures with him as he serves guests at his own hotel.

Ben’s commitment to his guests extends beyond the hotel as well. Once, a guest called the Front Desk to request an ambulance for her husband who was having a heart attack. The first to arrive on the scene, Ben stayed to ensure the medical team had the assistance they needed. The wife remained with her husband in the hospital in Amsterdam for more than a week and, during that time, Ben would visit the couple after his shift was over. “It can be overwhelming to be in a foreign country while having such health concerns,” he says. “I just wanted to provide them with a friendly face.” Later, the family wrote a letter thanking Ben for his kindness and dedication.

Ben considers his exceptional service to his hotel and his guests to be just a part of who he is. “It’s not something that is learned,” he says. “To be a concierge, it’s just got to be in you.”

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