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Mary Jane Amora

J.Willard Marriott

Hotel Nurse
Doha Marriott Hotel
Doha, Qatar

A Caring Touch

In April 2013, the Doha Marriott Hotel experienced a tragedy. A hotel bus carrying nearly 30 associates was struck by another vehicle, killing two and injuring 21 others.

“It was such a sad time, but I kept focused on getting our associates back to good health,” says Mary Jane Amora, the hotel’s nurse. “Many nights I slept only a few hours. But I didn’t care. I wanted to do my part.”

After the accident, Mary Jane dedicated the next month to watching over those recovering at the hospital. Then she made house calls and accompanied associates to their follow-up doctor appointments.

“She demonstrated extraordinary skills that can take many years to nurture – skills that involve quick thinking, concentration, leadership and, above all, strength,” says Raghda Akil, director of quality assurance and people development, and Mary Jane’s nominator.

Mary Jane joined the Doha Marriott Hotel in 2009. Previously, she served as a rescue volunteer, a school nurse and a hospital nurse in the Philippines, her native country.

“She completely transformed the clinic,” says Raghda. In a seemingly short amount of time, Mary Jane initiated a first aid training program, designed swine flu education classes, created a new medical inventory system, and purchased better equipment, all to provide associates with the best possible care.

Her skills and passion transcend beyond any language or cultural barriers. “It’s not just about administering medicine,” says Mary Jane. “Our associates are far away from home and their families. It’s so important to be there for them emotionally as well.”

Each day is a little different for Mary Jane, as she cares for more than 500 associates. A true advocate, she personally makes regular trips to the Supreme Council of Health, Medical Commission and Hamad Medical Corporate in Doha to ensure every associate’s case is handled correctly. Other days, you can find her performing an annual check-up, helping an associate through chemotherapy or arranging safety training.

Mary Jane’s favorite days, however, are when the clinic is slow. She says, “That means our associates are healthy, which makes me the happiest.”



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