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Status That Lasts A Lifetime

Elite Lifetime Status Announcement

Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel, France

Achieving Marriott Rewards® Elite Lifetime Status

There’s a special place reserved for you when you reach the highest earning levels as a Marriott Rewards member. It’s Elite Lifetime status, and once you get there, it’s yours forever to keep. The only time your status can change is when you achieve the next Elite level up.

Elite Lifetime Status is determined by your total qualified nights stayed and points earned throughout the course of your membership – including your paid nights, Elite rollover nights, meeting nights and the nights and points earned on your Marriott Rewards Credit Card.

Earn Lifetime membership with these milestones:

Lifetime Silver Elite 250 nights 1.2 million points
Lifetime Gold Elite 500 nights 1.6 million points
Lifetime Platinum Elite 750 nights 2 million points

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