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Group Travel Planning

Enjoy group travel.
Zoo visit on a trip.
Group travel activities for families.
Planning group travel transportation.
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Organizing travel for corporate groups. Relax during group travel.
Planning group travel.

Group Travel for Your Style

When your group heads out on the road, you may resemble a flock, a herd, a swarm or a small circus.

Whatever your approach to getting organized, getting along or getting where you're headed, you'll appreciate some support along the way.

The Marriott family of hotel brands has thousands of properties located in the heart of downtowns, in convenient suburbs and along the highways of the U.S. and Canada.

We hope you'll look to us to meet your group travel planning needs, whether you're a family, a team, students, colleagues or any other combination of folks traveling together.

If you need 10-25 rooms (and/or event space for up to 50 guests), we've got a streamlined booking process you can manage yourself.

And we have easy-to-use digital tools to help manage your group's stay, while letting individuals choose their own rooms.

Combine that with warm welcomes, excellent amenities and great service throughout your travels, and we’re sure you’ll only want to stay one place. With us.

Unless you're really a circus, in which case we have some other suggestions.

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