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Group Travel for Students

Enjoy student group travel.
Sightseeing with students.
Group travel for students to museums.
Visit historical attractions.
Student travel experiences.
Plan a trip to San Francisco.
Student travel accommodation in London.

A's for excellence

Student travel experiences create some of our best memories.

Whether it's Glee club or chess club, modeling fashions or Model UN, as formal as debate or as spontaneous as spring break, traveling with classmates lets students get to know each other better and care for each other more.

Wherever your trip takes you, and whoever's going, you're going to appreciate what a world-class hotel brand will always provide, starting with a great night's sleep, and easy access to healthy meals and favorite snacks.

You'll love our swimming pools, exercise facilities, comfortable places to meet and relax. Not to mention wi-fi access wherever you want it.

Making the most of your trip is up to you.

Guaranteeing that you'll be building on the best basics anywhere—that's where Marriott excels.

As we have for more than half a century, serving travelers at 4,000 hotels around the world, including today's students and tomorrow's leaders

Not to mention winners of consolation prizes, A's for effort, and hearty pats on the back for just being there.

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