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Budget Calculator

Enter the items and services you think you might need on our nearly comprehensive list, then click for an estimated total budget and cost per attendee.

Room Cost

(Use this section for attendees, guests, and staff who will be on Master Account)

Convention Marketing

  (teaser, pre-registration kit, reminder, etc.)

  (not including staff)


Office and  Registration Area

  (usually a good idea to get two)

  (signage for entire convention)

  (binders, pocket agendas, etc. [do not include gifts])

  (copier, fax, phone lines, etc.)

  (usually $20/day/radio)

  (registration desk, special chairs, etc.)

  (staff only — don't forget the AV crew!)

  (not including staff)


  (registration packet, in-room, etc.)

  (average cost between all of them)


  (average cost between all of them)


  (name act, dance band, etc. [not including theme parties or offsite events])

  (wandering strings, piano, jazz trio, etc.)

  (not including theme parties or offsite events)

  (training packages, group/experiential activities, etc.)

General Session

  (usually $15/hour)

(average costs = $600 - $1,500)

Breakout Sessions

  (per session: basic setup = $450/day )

  (per session: video, props, handouts)

Speaker Support  Production

(General Session Only)

  (total of all speeches -  in minutes)

  (four is average, eight is fast)

  ($60 is average, $90 is high)

Offsite Event

  (not including staff)

Theme Party

  (not including staff)

Food and Beverage




Coffee Breaks

Staff Travel and Expenses

Site Inspection

(per staff member - per day)

(per staff member)

(per staff member)


(room costs already accounted for)

  (per staff member)

  (per staff member)

Budget Summary