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A conference room – splendid – natural light in most venues & the latest equipment? Well, of course! At Le Méridien you don’t rent just a location, but the creative aura of one of the world’s most innovative hotels. And then there is its originality, quality, and the hotel’s art details. Your event at Le Méridien will be a milestone in the annals of party-giving – clubbing, fashion show, private celebration: You have the guests, Le Méridien has the ingredients for a cocktail of delight. Or do you need something really serious, high-brow, and replete with details – a posh stage for your brand? Le Méridien Meeting & Events is the inventor among event planners. Here, discovery is the mission, successful surprise the service. Given the current circumstances, you can be assured that we will meet all health and safety requirements during your stay with us. We will be happy to help you plan your event with the appropriate distance regulations.

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「Flaming Red 1」のスクール形式会議

Meetings and Events


Meeting Rooms to Inspire

With 10 meeting rooms for up to 300 persons. 294 rooms + suites. A fully refurbished, modern designed and creative meeting and event space with a total of 827 m²; partly flooded by daylight. The largest meeting venue has 334 m². The Wow room at Le Méridien Vienna: The Table. Your exclusive event floor on the lower floor with ballroom, 334 m² meeting space and 120 m² foyer. Make your upcoming event at a central location and feel inspired by the contemporary atmosphere.

Meeting Room Blazing White

Kindle the spirit of discovery. Windows replace an entire wall. Unimpeded views of the park fronting the Academy of Visual Arts. Serenity and focus.

「Blazing White」シアター形式会議

Meeting Room Flaming Red

Blazingly motivating like a presentation that no one forgets. The rooms whether joined together or separate are an inspiring backdrop for a stylish meeting.

「Flaming Red」フィッシュボーン形式会議

Meeting Room Not Really Pink

Swirl up thought patterns in the kaleidoscope of ideas. Put heads together under natural light with a park-side view. Ceiling heights befit a nineteenth-century palace.


Meeting Room Kind of Beige

Natural light and a view out onto peaceful Schillerpark illuminate this echo chamber for the spirit. A kind of understatement + energizing elegance.

「Kind of Beige」のクリエイティブなミーティング形式

Meeting Room of Velvet Blue

Create, build and motivate teams in Velvet Blue I + II. These are quick-change artists: classroom, auditorium, playground for team exercises, or theatre. Whether separate or together Velvet Blue is a feast for the eye. 92m² | up to 75 persons

「Velvet Blue I + II」-シアター形式
Choose Your Favorite: Your Creative Meeting Room in Vienna
「Blazing White」のU字型会議
Blazing White: 75 m² | 50 PAX

Kindle the spirit of discovery at Le Méridien Vienna. At Blazing White. Windows replace an entire wall. Unimpeded views of the park fronting the Academy of Visual Arts. Blazing White brings brilliant clarity. Fresh air by DYSON.

「Le Moët」でのミーティング-テーブル
The Table: 45m² | 20 PAX

A room, a knockout, a place to celebrate triumphs. The Table is the prima donna of our meeting rooms. Epoch-making, legendary, cutting-edge, is how our clients describe meetings here. Daylight floods the room of The Table and is matched by mirrored vivacity.

「Kind of Beige」のクリエイティブなミーティング形式
Kind of Beige: 38m² | 16 PAX

Stimulate the senses, create something new in Kind of Beige. Natural light and a view out onto peaceful Schillerpark illuminate this echo chamber for the spirit. Kind of Beige is a kind of understatement, energizing elegance for an important day.

Not Really Pink: 35m² | 20 PAX

Swirl up thought patterns in the kaleidoscope of ideas in the Not Really Pink room. Put heads together under natural light with a park-side view. Ceiling heights befit a 19th-century palace. Not Really Pink gets a dash of punk with Irene Andnesser’s artwork.

「Racing Green」
Racing Green: 33m² | 16 PAX

Club atmosphere: elegant, self-confident, creatively invigorating. Natural light boosts thought. Green too beyond the window in the park below. Racing Green—brings back the lustre of the most beautiful cars since the roaring Twenties.

「Shades of Grey」
Shades of Grey: 25m² | 10 PAX

Deliberating flexibly, discussing subtly in Shades of Grey. Sizzling practicality, surroundings that create room for thought. Spirit makes Shades of Grey twinkle and flare. Natural light and a view of tranquil Schillerplatz give balance to the ambiance.


Weddings and Occasions


夢のウェディングの実現には細かいご計画が必要です。 マリオット公認ウェディングプランナーは専門のトレーニングを受けたエキスパートです。 厳しいコースを修了したマリオット公認ウェディングプランナーは、民族文化や伝統を反映した式、ミリタリースタイルの式など、あらゆる種類のウェディングをコーディネートする資格を持っています。 マリオット公認ウェディングプランナーは積み重ねた経験、トレーニング、伝統、直観力のすべてを使って、お客様にとって最高のウェディングを具体化し、細部の実施にいたるまで、行き届いたサポートをお約束します。 イベントの予算の設定、メニューの決定、テーブルアレンジメント、フローリスト、写真家、バンド演奏者、その他エンターテインメントの手配を行い、お客様の特別な日を準備いたします。

From Sunshine to Moonlight

A Touch of Local – It’s All About You in Vienna.

A marvelous champagne reception on the lawn, in the intimate Schillerpark just in front of the hotel, glamorous and private dining space for Your guests.


And Now… It's Time Just for the Two of You!

The Honeymoon Suites at Le Méridien Vienna

Vienna at your feet in our Terrace suites. Or you prefer white? Pick Mona Hahn´s Artsuite. Or better wild, mystical, red? Then “Opera Rossa” will be the perfect fit.


Le Méridien Vienna - More Than Just A Location

「ユー」 情熱の場

Restaurant YOU.

This is where your dreams come true. Perfect for a Dinner with your guests - suitable for up to 132 persons.


A Glamorous Room

The subject tonight is white. FlowerReception up to 300 persons, Decoration, Light. Everything to make you shine. Gala Dinner for up to 190 persons.

Le Moet Room

More Than Just A (Wedding) Table - The Table

Makes you shine. Ravishingly beautiful and grand in style. Apropos style: we can adapt the colour of the table to your wedding theme or your favourite colour.


Reception - Open Air - at the Suite Terrace

Love is in the air: Celebrate your wedding reception on the rooftop of Le Méridien with a extensive panorama view of the charming city of Vienna. Our event team will help you to arrange the perfect cosy and romantic setting for you and your exclusive group of guests.