Catering Services: Food & Beverage

A hand reaching over to grab a dessert item

The Right Menu Can Make the Meeting

Tastes change. Trends come and go. Throughout the world, our team of more than 3,000 executive chefs, and expert culinarians and mixologists bring the freshest concepts and ingredients together. From seasonal harvests from local producers for farm-to-table eating, to innovative cuisine from our chefs, with tapas, build-it-yourself plates, comfort foods and artisanal treats. There's small bites and big flavors. Desserts to take away. Non-traditional break options like food trucks, juice stands, nuts, dried fruit and candy bars. And, of course, craft beverages, flavor-balanced cocktails, homemade infusions and limited batches.

Have a lot on your plate? Planning is simple with Event eMenus. We'll send you a link with a proposed digital event menu, and you can easily select the dates and menu items you want, comment within the menu, see estimated totals, and send it back all within the same easy-to-use platform.

Breakfast pastries laid out in banquet style