Restaurante Aloft Bogota Airport

Disfruta de las comidas y bebidas que te ofrece Aloft Bogota Airport

En este hotel


Cocina internacional

Deleite el paladar con diversas opciones gastronómicas, como pizzas, hamburguesas, pescados, mariscos y sushi, en el estimulante restaurante del hotel de aeropuerto en Bogotá.

Todos los días
6:30 AM-10:30 PM



¡Salud! Socializa mientras disfrutas de un cóctel en el bar W XYZ (SM), en el que siempre pasa algo. La diversión fluye libremente con todo, desde vinos Pinot Noir hasta bebidas especializadas, además de un menú de refrigerios para aplacar el hambre, música ambiental y eventos que no se puede perder.

Todos los días
3:00 PM-12:00 AM


Crepes & Waffles Bogota El Dorado Airport

.2 KM

Turn those crepes and waffles you love into a delicious lunch or dinner.
Kanka Connecta

.2 KM

In Kanka you will have an experience that brings you closer to the Peruvian culinary art that is born from your ancestors and lasts through time, thanks to the fusion of food and avant-garde techniques. Here you will learn more about their typical drinks,
Sagal - Steakhouse

.3 KM

On the palate, its meats give an unmistakable flavor, an excellent tenderness and an incomparable juiciness.
La Divina Comedia Trattoria

.3 KM

He brought from his natal Italy, the richest secrets of Italian cuisine.

.3 KM

Coffee Shop located in the heart of the business complex Connecta, which is designed with sustainable development trends.

.3 KM

Located at Connecta Plaza, you can find Diletto a great place to start the day with a delicious breakfast or a capuccino.
BBC - Bogota Beer Company

.3 KM

Bogotá Beer Company is a Colombian brewery founded in 2002. Since May 2015, it has been part of the Belgian multinational AB Inbev.


2.3 KM

Grab your favorite soup, sandwich or dessert at this casual deli.
Juan Valdez

3.2 KM

Whether they're cold or hot, these coffee drinks are sure to please. Pair them with a delicious snack.

Restaurante Patria

4.4 KM

With generous portions and specialty drinks, this restaurant won't disappoint.

Parada de Andrés - Gran Estación

8 KM

Come for the vibrant atmosphere and stay for the amazing food.
La Plaza de Andres

8.4 KM

With a trajectory of 28 years, Andrés Carne de Res, launches in 2010 Las Plazas de Andrés, inspired by the typical, colorful and peculiar Colombian market squares.

Lenos y Carbon

8.8 KM

Succulent food that melts in your mouth.

Parada de Andres

11 KM

Come for the vibrant atmosphere and stay for the amazing food.