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Cast Iron Bar & Grill - Salmon Salad

Cast Iron Grill


Lleve a cabo sus encuentros en nuestro restaurante apto para familias en el hotel. Cast Iron Grill sirve cocina británica clásica con un matiz moderno e ingredientes de origen regional como base. Descubra una suntuosa gastronomía en pleno centro de Glasgow.

Todos los días
07:00 - 10:00
브루 바 라운지

Brew Bar


Disfrute del ambiente relajado de Brew Bar Lounge. Ubicado en el bar del hotel, este restaurante informal sirve comidas nutritivas para el almuerzo y la cena, así como cerveza artesanal, sidras y cócteles.

Todos los días
11:00 - 21:00


Carnes a la parrilla Mini Grill Glasgow

0.7 Millas

One of Glasgow’s best-kept secrets tucked away off the bustle of Bath Street. Our family-run eatery has a small but expertly curated menu, with traditional gastro dishes amidst a unique range of Scottish twists.
Saint Judes

0.8 Millas

Grab a beverage and food in a welcoming and luxurious space, that offers a range of settings- accommodating many different event needs, all house in a distinctive building with artist-designed features.
Obsession Of India

1.4 Millas

At Obsession, we believe every item we put in the menu should be more than just an ordinary dish, join our Multi-award winning chef to create your personal dining experience.
Halloumi Southside

2.2 Millas

Halloumi Glasgow is a Greek-Cypriot Mezze restaurant. We serve fresh and authentic food that has been carefully selected and crafted by our chef Andreas using only the best ingredients.
Himalayan Dine

2.9 Millas

Himalayan Dine offers various authentic cuisines from the region of Mount Everest, Pokhara, Kathmandu as well as from India that suits all of our valued customers.

3.0 Millas

Stop by our award-winning cafe for delicious breakfast foods, sandwiches, cakes and more, all made with the finest ingredients.