City life and nature coexist in Alaska's largest community

Anchorage, Alaska, attracts all kinds, from artists, teachers, restaurateurs and doctors to sled dog mushers, bush pilots, wilderness guides and adventurers. It’s a very liveable city — you’re never too far from the unspoiled wilderness or a retail store. It’s possible to spend all day exploring an epic (and gloriously empty) mountain trail, then drive 15 minutes to dine on crab legs in a restaurant that rivals any big-city spot well below the 60th parallel.

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Explore Anchorage

  • Downtown
  • Spenard
  • Girdwood



Much of Alaska is spread out — you’ll likely have to drive a bit to get between attractions. Downtown Anchorage is the rare exception: This walkable area has cafés, museums, music venues and king salmon fishing spots all within a few blocks.

Known For

Dining, Bars, Culture

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In the creative heart of Anchorage, you’ll find restaurants that make a point to source local (no easy feat in a state with such a short growing season), family-owned outdoor supply shops, artist co-ops and more. It’s quirky — and maybe even a little crunchy — but that's what makes it fun.

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Arts, Dining, Entertainment

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You’d be forgiven for thinking Girdwood isn’t part of Anchorage: It’s a 45-minute drive through the wilderness from downtown. Nestled in a cinematically beautiful valley at the base of Mount Alyeska, Girdwood is home to a famed ski resort and quiet trails.

Known For

Skiing, Mountains, Restaurants

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Blend Big-City Sights and Nature Vibes in Anchorage, Alaska

Sunny park view with lake

See the Heavy Hitters

Grab a hearty breakfast before heading to the Anchorage Museum for a history lesson. From here, check out Ship Creek, the only urban salmon fishery in the country, and wander downtown or rent a bike and hit the 11-mile Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. Finish the day with seafood and a nightcap.

Beers lined up on bar

Hit the Trails and Sip Some Beers

Kick off your second day at the Downtown Saturday Market before hopping on a trolley for a city tour or hiking Flattop Mountain for a more expansive view. You can head on to Williwaw Lakes Trail and Powerline Pass or peruse the city's art galleries — then wind down with some brewery hopping. For dinner, it’s upscale dining in an unexpected locale, or pizza at one of the city’s most popular longtime joints.

Tail of a whale in the water

Find the Small Town in the Big City

Head out of town toward Girdwood on the Seward Highway, one of the most beautiful drives in the country. Hike Winner Creek Trail, Alyeska Glacier View Trail or the tougher Mount Alyeska Trail. Reward yourself with a pint at Girdwood Brewing Company. 

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