Discover unbeatable island serenity along placid beaches and desert landscapes.

With 40-plus white-sand beaches and pleasant climate (temperatures hover in the 80s year-round), the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba feels tailor-made for oceanside relaxation. From natural cave pools to pastel-toned architecture, Aruba is a hub for nightlife, outdoor adventures and sun-drenched leisure. With a blend of Caribbean, Dutch and Spanish influences, Aruba’s culture is as distinctive as it is enchanting, with eclectic cuisine and rich history to explore on every street.

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Explore Aruba

  • Oranjestad
  • Arashi Beach/Noord
  • Palm Beach



Oranjestad’s vibrant streets reflect the island’s combination of Dutch and Caribbean history, with pastel storefronts extending alongside the ocean’s edge. From luxury shopping to archaeological exhibits, the capital city offers a blend of relaxation and entertainment.

Known For

Museums, History, Beaches, Shopping, Dining, Nightlife

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Arashi Beach/Noord


Cruise alongside the western edge of the island, where rocky terrain and historical landmarks meet peaceful beachfront. Don’t forget to catch the panoramic views from the iconic lighthouse at the northernmost point of Aruba.

Known For

Beaches, Dining, Outdoor Recreation

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Palm Beach


The shores of Palm Beach are home to idyllic resort getaways, nature preserves teeming with butterflies and birds and some of Aruba’s famous oceanfront havens. After basking in the scenery, discover one of the romantic restaurants along this area’s tranquil streets.

Known For

Beaches, Outdoor Recreation, Restaurants, Nature

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Spend a Relaxing Weekend in Aruba

Overhead view of colorful fruit bowl

Savor Beachfront Dining

Start off the weekend on a leisurely note with a breakfast spread and a stroll along Palm Beach. Opt for a day of sunbathing in a private cabana, or catch some waves with the Aruba Surf Club — all before watching the sun set at a romantic beachside restaurant.

People swimming in naturally formed pool by the ocean

Rent a Jeep and Explore the Surrounding Towns

Continue your island adventure with a day of exploration in an open-air Jeep — beginning with the colorful streets of Oranjestad before voyaging into scenic Arikok National Park and past the Natural Pool. Complete the evening with Aruban dishes and fresh seafood at a local rum bar.

Sailboat on the water at sunset

Enjoy Art and Sailing

Get acquainted with Aruba’s natural wonders and creative scene, beginning with outdoor recreation and continuing onto the colorful streets of San Nicolas. Finish your weekend with a catamaran sailing adventure and fresh seafood.

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