Though best known for its idyllic beaches, great dining and historical landmarks await, too.
With more than 700 islands and 2,000 cays, there’s no shortage of beach activities and experiences to enjoy in the Bahamas. Spend time on a deserted island, visit historical landmarks, discover unique flora or spend a day at a spa. And thanks to its proximity to the continental U.S., paradise is only a few hours away.
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Explore The Bahamas

  • Nassau
  • Paradise Island
  • Eleuthera



With its streets lined with pastel buildings that house luxury boutiques, government institutions, museums and seafood restaurants, Nassau offers all the urban amenities of a capital but with a tropical twist. Even with so much to do on the island, the offshore coral reefs make it a diving and snorkeling destination, too.

Known For

Museums, Shopping, Historic Landmarks, Dining

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Paradise Island


This island's lively and scenic beaches are just the starting point of a visitor’s exploration. Home to the largest casino in the Caribbean, an aquarium, dozens of fantastic restaurants and a 141-acre water park with 11 pools and a mile-long tubing river, Paradise Island is the action spot for travelers. Prepare to golf by the sea, practice your backhand or snorkel with sharks, if you dare.

Known For

Entertainment, Dining, Beaches, Nightlife

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Known for its lush wilderness and stunning pink-sand shoreline, Eleuthera is a beach lover’s heaven. Catch the sunrise on an empty stretch of Lighthouse Beach, practice your backstroke in Sapphire Blue Hole, the island’s inland swimming hole, and stroll the iconic Glass Window Bridge for some of the best views on the island.

Known For

Beaches, Natural Sights, Water Sports

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Make the Most of Your Weekend in the Bahamas

Ocean, beach and palm trees

Lounge on the Beach

Enjoy a day full of sunbathing and water activities. Snorkel the beautiful coral reefs and visit the world's largest underwater sculpture. In between exploring Paradise Island’s pristine beaches and water, dine on fresh conch salad and the catch of the day.

Eggs, sausage, toast, and tomatoes

Explore the Capital

Learn about Nassau’s fascinating history and vibrant art and culinary scenes today. Over 24 hours, indulge your senses with visits to the country's best museums, restaurants, parks and historical landmarks. And though a visit to the beach isn’t on the itinerary, it’s still within view, even when you’re sightseeing downtown.

Pier jetting out into the ocean

Learn to Fish

Catch your own lunch and learn to prepare it the Bahamian way. Then explore the local Fish Fry area to get a sense — and taste — of this country's delicacies before toasting to a superb getaway, cocktail in hand.

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