This city has a wild side: caves, hiking trails, waterfalls and more.

Set along the Tennessee River and tucked between the mountains, Chattanooga is one of America’s most breathtaking destinations, offering hiking trails, waterfalls, caves and ancient rock formations. Oh, and move over, Nashville. Chattanooga — just a two-hour drive south of its more famous cousin — has developed a thriving food, music and nightlife scene.

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Explore Chattanooga

  • Downtown
  • Southside Historic District
  • Lookout Valley/St. Elmo



The city’s core offers attractions ranging from the 10,000 creatures you’ll meet at the Tennessee Aquarium to the Chattanooga Riverwalk, the highly strollable, 13-mile thoroughfare along the southern banks of the Tennessee River.

Known For

Restaurants, Walking Trails, Museums, Bars

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Southside Historic District


One of the city’s most eclectic neighborhoods is also a mecca for entertainment, cuisine and art. The bungalow-lined streets give way to a lively center that’s known for its quaint cafés, trendy restaurants and vibrant nightlife.

Known For

Restaurants, Culture, Art, Nightlife, Pubs

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Lookout Valley/St. Elmo


Home to the city’s underwater caves, waterfalls and hiking trails, this area is a quick drive from downtown — but feels like it’s miles away from civilization. You can boat, bike, hike or spelunk your way through these natural wonders.

Known For

Outdoor Activities, Spelunking , Boating, Biking, Hiking

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Explore Chattanooga, Tennessee’s Natural Beauty

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Visit Local Attractions and Popular Outdoor Spaces

Eat your way through the city’s culinary wonders before touring the Tennessee Aquarium, Hunter Museum of American Art and Bluff View Sculpture Garden. Then it’s time to walk (or bike) along the Tennessee River and do some shopping and park hopping in North Shore, the hippest neighborhood in the city.

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Satisfy Your Taste Buds and Dance the Night Away

Spend the day in the Southside Historic District, known for its quaint cafés, trendy restaurants and extraordinary nightlife. So yes, this will mostly be a day of indulgences. Treat yourself to tastings and a tour at the Chattanooga Whiskey Experimental Distillery and explore the many bars along Station Street.

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Explore Epic Mountains, Caves and Trails

Experience the wild side of Chattanooga by hiking, spelunking and checking out the sites in Lookout Valley, where you’ll be treated to unobstructed views of the Prentice Cooper State Forest and the Tennessee River.

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