Breweries, baseball and chili make this city a heartland hub.

The Cincinnati, Ohio, story is all the sweeter because it’s one about a comeback. Credit Cincy for revitalizing its downtown and riverfront — and putting itself back on the map as one of the buzziest cities in America’s heartland. Rent a bike to explore the riverfront, walk across a purple pedestrian bridge to Kentucky or hop a boat to ply the waters of the Ohio River. Explore the vintage charms of two historic neighborhoods, Over-the-Rhine and Mount Adams, both boasting parks, boutiques and brew pubs. And don’t leave without trying the hometown chili and ice cream that make “Queen City” residents proud.

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Explore Cincinnati

  • Downtown Cincinnati
  • Hyde Park Square
  • Mount Adams
  • Over-the-Rhine

Downtown Cincinnati


Cincinnati’s revitalized city center offers travelers the ultra-modern Contemporary Arts Center, as well as the chance to bike or stroll the riverfront, home to two stadiums, a riverboat operation and two pedestrian-friendly bridges that cross the Ohio River to Kentucky.

Known For

Museums, Architecture, Restaurants, Shopping

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Hyde Park Square


The heart of this historic neighborhood is Hyde Park Square itself, with its ornate Kilgour Fountain. The area’s quiet, upscale streets are lined with antique homes, boutiques, cafés and, at the top of the hill, the Cincinnati Observatory.

Known For

History, Parks, Restaurants

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Mount Adams


High on a hilltop, this historic neighborhood offers views over the Ohio River, along with a maze of steep and twisting streets lined with shops, pubs and antique homes. Locals love to wander Eden Park — and you will, too — stopping into the Cincinnati Art Museum and checking out the Krohn Conservatory’s butterfly exhibit.

Known For

History, Parks, Museums, Pubs, Restaurants

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Called Over-the-Rhine because it was once home to a large population of German immigrants, this neighborhood boasts streets lined with candy-colored historic homes, as well as a sprawling farmers market and Cincinnati’s gallery scene.

Known For

Farmers Market, Shopping, Breweries, Restaurants

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Enjoy Cincinnati, Ohio, Like a “Queen City” Local

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Explore Over-the-Rhine

Visit the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, known for the sprawling Findlay Market, candy-colored vintage buildings and a vast array of pubs and bars. Many of them are brewing (and pouring) award-winning beers. There are also boutiques, galleries and the grand circa-1878 Cincinnati Music Hall.



Rooftop in downtown

Discover Downtown and Roam the Riverfront

Explore downtown Cincinnati and find out why locals boast about Cincy-made chili, beer and ice cream. Then roam around the riverfront parks and stadiums, crossing over the Ohio River on a pedestrian-friendly bridge into Kentucky, where you can pet sharks and stingrays at the Newport Aquarium.   


Park view with tower in background

Meander Mount Adams

Discover the hilltop Mount Adams neighborhood, taking in Eden Park, the Cincinnati Art Museum, Krohn Conservatory and Immaculata Church. Wander the charming, twisting streets to choose a classic pub or bistro for your evening meal and, if you’re lucky, some live music.   



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