Big business and leisure meet in this luxury-first city.
Home to people from all over the world, with strong influences of neighboring nations and a unique Emirati culture, Dubai is unlike any other city. Although a lot of it is man-made and over-the-top, slow down and look closer and you will see a more intimate side to the city that often gets missed. With so much on offer, Dubai can feel overwhelming, but a single well-planned visit is enough to give a taste of the city’s distinctive character.
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Explore Dubai

  • Downtown Dubai
  • Al Quoz
  • Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood
  • Dubai Marina
  • Jumeirah

Downtown Dubai


With heavyweights like the Burj Khalifa and sprawling Dubai Mall, there’s never a dull moment downtown. Dive right in as you walk or scooter around the fantastically maintained promenades that feature fun street art and installations. The glittering streets get an added sparkle during the festive season and look magical after nightfall.

Known For

Iconic Structures, Entertainment, Shopping, Restaurants

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Al Quoz


A string of art galleries, quirky cafés, ateliers, theaters and coworking spaces have infused a fresh energy into this once-lackluster industrial area. Today, Al Quoz is the best place to discover local artists, interact with creative thinkers and attend a variety of events. Begin at Alserkal Avenue, a constantly evolving cultural district, and make your way across the road to Courtyard, a multidisciplinary community center.

Known For

Galleries, Cafes, Shops

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Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood


Walk through winding alleyways crisscrossing homes that once belonged to pearl merchants. Built of coral, teakwood, gypsum and palm fronds, the low-lying buildings feature traditional Emirati architectural elements like barjeels (wind towers) and majlis (open courtyards). If you see an open door, go right in. There are a number of quaint cafés and delightful niche museums to explore.

Known For

Heritage Buildings, Museums, Galleries

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Dubai Marina


The waterfront promenade offers a ringside view of trendy apartment blocks, all built around a meandering canal filled with gleaming yachts. For an adrenaline rush, glide down the world’s longest urban zip line, which cuts through soaring skyscrapers. Later, follow the crowds and make your way to The Walk, where the well-dressed jostle for space with fast cars and pop-up stalls, endless dining and entertainment options.

Known For

Restaurants, Nightlife, Beachside

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Overrun with large villas with carefully tended gardens, a number of homegrown stores, charming cafés and picturesque beaches, Jumeirah offers a slice of Dubai life known only to the insiders. Dubai’s duality is on display here, as the traditional and modern coexist in perfect harmony. Local mosques burst to life at prayer times as the call to prayer, or adhan, rings out. At Kite Beach and La Mer, situated at either end of the area, enjoy sand and surf alongside the locals.

Known For

Beaches, Heritage

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Enjoy Three Days Full of Dubai’s Highlights

Aerial view of Palm Jumeirah

Explore a Seaside Haven

The Palm Jumeirah is the best example of the maxim that even the impossible is possible in Dubai. Built entirely from reclaimed land, the area is a man-made archipelago that, as the name suggests, forms a palm tree when viewed from above. Spend the day sampling unending dining options, hit the beach or snap some serious envy-inducing photos at The View at The Palm.

Skyline from Marsai marina

Surround Yourself with Glittering Skyscrapers

Begin at the Museum of the Future, and let your imagination run wild. Next, head to Dubai International Financial Centre and snag a table at one of the many fantastic restaurants there. Get your art fix at the area’s galleries, then continue your high-culture journey at Infinity des Lumières.

Jumeirah mosque during the day

Embrace the Contrasts of Contemporary Dubai

Dubai is a city of contradictions — and ones that exist in perfect harmony. Get an inside view of the city’s oldest mosque as you join a group for a guided tour. Next, pay a visit to the Jumeirah Archaeological Site, which dates back to the ninth century. Wind down at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah, a retail and entertainment destination modeled after an Arabian bazaar of yore.

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