This is a town with two big vibes: seaside charm and thriving nightlife.
There are nearly 200 years of quintessential American resort-town history in Galveston, Texas, but the city is anything but stuck in the past — it’s one of the liveliest beach destinations on the Gulf Coast. Originally a port city, Galveston endured the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900, which nearly wiped it off the map. But Galveston was reborn as a leisure destination in the decades that followed, enticing Texans and visitors alike with its sandy beaches, a food- and culture-driven downtown and family-friendly activities.
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Explore Galveston

  • East End
  • Downtown Galveston
  • West End

East End


Architecture buffs will delight in strolling the streets of the East End, renowned for its historic houses built between the late 1800s and early 1900s. Some have even been transformed into museums, giving you a peek inside. You’ll also find beaches, a nature preserve and a historic amusement pier here.

Known For

Historic Houses, Beaches, Pier, Nature Preserve

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Downtown Galveston


This is Galveston’s cultural and entertainment district, where historic buildings are home to restaurants, boutiques, performance venues and museums. There are four main areas here: The Strand (a shopping street), the Postoffice District (for arts and culture), Pier 21 and the West Market (WeMa, for dining and strolling).

Known For

Museums, Shopping, Dining, Nightlife

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West End


If it’s Galveston’s natural beauty you’re looking for, the tranquil West End is your spot. While it’s the largest neighborhood on the island in terms of area, it’s nowhere near as built up as downtown and the East End. Come here to explore the beaches and spot wildlife, plus drink and dine at some local joints.

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Discover Historic Galveston, Texas, by Day and Night

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Explore Historic Galveston

Tap into the history of Galveston on your first day in the Oleander City by exploring its historic districts and museums. Throughout the day, stop at some of the island’s best dining and drinking spots and catch a performance at the Opera House. 


An aerial view of the sea wall and Galveston beach

Take In the Parks and Pier

As a leisure destination, Galveston is well known for its family-friendly attractions, from water parks to aquariums. After a morning at the aquarium, hop on the rides at the island’s iconic amusement pier as the sun sets or simply stroll its classic boardwalk. 

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Find Your Beach in the West End

Galveston’s history and attractions are only half the story — this is a beach town, after all. Appreciate Mother Nature’s splendor at the West End’s tranquil beaches, then visit the neighborhood’s nature preserves for a chance to spot some wildlife.


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