Fresh flavors pair with pristine island beauty in this uber-chic Caribbean escape.
Grand Cayman is a rich melting pot of 125 cultures that has grown from its early days as a rustic stopover for pirates. Spend your days basking on tranquil reef-protected beaches, enjoying exclusive spa treatments and sampling some of the local cuisine — from conch stew to fish rundown — that makes this one of the most delicious destinations in the Caribbean. Whether you are a diving or water-sports enthusiast, a history buff, a nature lover, a foodie or are just in need of some serious rest and relaxation, Grand Cayman checks all the boxes.
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Explore Grand Cayman

  • George Town
  • Seven Mile Beach
  • West Bay
  • Bodden Town to East End
  • Northside

George Town


George Town is Cayman’s legislative and business hub. A major port of call for cruise ships, there’s plenty of tax-free shopping, historic landmarks and authentic local cuisine featuring fresh seafood, all situated on a pristine waterfront. The area is fast becoming a commercial, historic and cultural center.

Known For

Sightseeing, Shopping, Landmarks, History

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Seven Mile Beach


Seven Mile Beach is famous for its powder-like sands and pristine waters, as well as its snorkeling, diving, water sports and proximity to Stingray City. This posh neighborhood and its environs are also the main tourist area in the Cayman Islands and home to the trendiest restaurants, spas, high-end boutiques, luxury hotels and cultural hot spots.

Known For

Beaches, Shopping, Restaurants, Hotels, Spas

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West Bay


Less ostentatious than nearby Seven Mile Beach, West Bay offers a chance to eat, shop and relax with locals. There is a plethora of attractions for divers, including Kittiwake Shipwreck, Turtle Reef and a 13-foot statue of the mythological “Guardian of the Reef,” which provides a great underwater photo op.

Known For

Wildlife, Beaches, Nature, Restaurants

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Bodden Town to East End


The scenic drive between Bodden Town and East End offers some of the most unspoiled views of Cayman’s coastal terrain. This area is a must-see for nature enthusiasts, history buffs and those who want to experience the more authentic side of island living and dining, Cayman Islands–style. Don’t miss the many opportunities for local fish fries peppering the coastal road.

Known For

Views, Architecture, Parks, Historic Sites, Local Dining

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White-sand beaches, calm waters, hammocks and cool breezes are enticement enough to take the 45-minute drive from George Town to Northside. The northernmost point of the island also features coastal dining and natural delights such as the Crystal Caves, Starfish Point and bioluminescent mangroves.

Known For

Beaches, Views, Architecture, Water Sports, Restaurants

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Nearby Hotels and Resorts

Stay in the Center of it All

Immerse yourself in your destination at these centrally located hotels.

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Experience the Beauty of Grand Cayman in Just Three Days

Two people snorkeling with stingrays

Meet Local Wildlife

Begin your island adventure on the right foot with Cayman’s most popular attraction — Stingray City — where you can interact with the gentle giants in the crystal-clear waters off Grand Cayman’s North Sound. Follow the wildlife experience with a luxurious day basking in the white sands of Seven Mile Beach, followed by retail therapy and fine dining at Camana Bay.

A boat leaving the shoreline

Soak in Island Vibes

Today you’ll discover why the Sister Islands — Little Cayman and Cayman Brac — are the Cayman Islands’ best-kept secret. Little Cayman offers beautiful bike trails and kayaking opportunities, and Cayman Brac is full of hiking paths. Though you’ll have time for only one, stunning views are guaranteed — as well as the old-fashioned hospitality that Caymanians refer to as “Cayman kind.”

A plate of brightly colored vegetables

Eat Your Way Around the Coast

Meander down Cayman’s untouched eastern coastline, which spans from Savannah to Northside, but not before you partake in a hearty Sunday brunch — an institution in the Cayman Islands — at one of the trendiest dining hot spots, for an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of fresh seafood.

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