It’s all about the natural hot springs in Arkansas’s coolest town.

People from all over North America gravitate to Hot Springs, Arkansas, for the restorative waters that bubble up from the earth — but there’s more than just steaming-hot mineral water here. Intriguing museums, roller coasters, hiking trails, ultra-friendly locals and fine eateries serving up dishes with Southern flair make Hot Springs a perfect place to plunge into for a few days.

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Explore Hot Springs

  • Downtown
  • Euclid Heights
  • Hot Springs Village



This mecca for those in search of hot springs is also loaded with restaurants, cafés, bars and shops. It’s your one-stop neighborhood in Hot Springs.

Known For

Hot Springs, Restaurants, Cafés

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Euclid Heights


Sedate and tranquil, Euclid Heights hugs up against Hot Springs National Park, making it a popular gateway to this natural space. Plus, there’s even an amusement park.

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Theme Parks, Hot Springs

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Hot Springs Village


Located north of Hot Springs, this village is crammed with recreation, such as golf courses, hiking trails, parks, swimming pools and croquet courses.

Known For

Golfing, Hiking, Parks

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Find Three Days of Healing Waters and Hikes in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Close up of a glass of white wine

Get in Hot Water

You probably came here to “take the waters,” right? So dive in: Head to Bathhouse Row to get your feet wet. Later visit a brewery and/or winery — right on the premises. 


Large alligator along the water

From Alligator-Spotting to Al Capone

Pet some friendly alligators and then head to the intriguing and fun Gangster Museum of America. Top off your night with dinner and drinks at the Ohio Club, a swanky restaurant with a gangster past. 


Dish with grilled fish on it

Take a Hike

Go take a hike: Hot Springs National Park offers 26 miles of trails. Then get high by going to the top of the Hot Springs Mountain Tower. Finally, finish off your tour of Hot Springs by visiting Tiny Town. 


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