Welcome to Rocket City — a surprising hub of space exploration, the arts and history.
A little over 70 years ago, Huntsville, Alabama, was best known for its prodigious watercress production. But when Wernher von Braun and his team of scientists settled here in the 1950s to work on aeronautical research, the city was forever changed. They paved the way for NASA, Boeing, Redstone Arsenal and other space-focused companies to come to the area. Their presence, and that of oodles of other newcomers in recent years, has helped revitalize the city, making it a dynamic place to learn — and spend a fascinating weekend.
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Explore Huntsville

  • Downtown Huntsville
  • Lowe Mill District
  • Monte Sano
  • Research Park

Downtown Huntsville


Wander the streets of the downtown neighborhood — which includes the Twickenham, Old Town and Five Points historic districts — and surround yourself in revival architectural, antebellum homes and bungalows.

Known For

Theaters, Museums, Dining

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Lowe Mill District


Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, found in the eponymous Lowe Mill District, is where more than 200 artists work. It’s also where seven art galleries, four performance venues, a foundry, a community garden and plenty of restaurants have set up shop.

Known For

Art, Entertainment

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Monte Sano


Here you’ll find a park with 22 miles of trails and an 18-hole disc golf course (Monte Sano State Park), an open-air museum (Burritt on the Mountain), one of the largest urban land preserves in the United States (Monte Sano Nature Preserve) and so much more.

Known For

Nature, Culture

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Research Park


Research Park is home to more than 300 STEM-related companies, and at 9 million square feet, it’s the second-largest research park in the United States. It’s also a place where you can enjoy local and national eateries, catch live performances and cheer on the local baseball team.

Known For

Innovation, Shopping, Dining

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Enjoy Three Days in Huntsville, Alabama’s Rocket City

Grounded rocket surrounded by trees

Huntsville, We Don’t Have a Problem

Grab some rocket fuel before heading to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center for an immersion into all things galactic. From here, visit a favorite local barbecue joint and get to know the city better through the lens of its beer.


Overhead view of bowl packed with vegetables

Meet the Movers and Makers

Visit Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, then continue your art education with a walking tour of the city’s street art. Sample a James Beard Award semifinalist’s fine food and enjoy craft cocktails. 


Shelves lined with antique bottles

Start Strolling

Head over to Monte Sano to commune with nature and get a little history lesson at the Weeden House Museum & Garden. Spend your afternoon participating in some retail therapy, before visiting a former high school turned entertainment venue for games, drinks and dinner. 


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