This diving haven comes with a chill vibe (and lots of Key lime pie).
South Florida’s Key Largo is a small island with a big profile, thanks to its coral reefs and water sports. The northernmost of the Florida Keys, this area draws serious water-sports enthusiasts — snorkeling, diving and kayaking are all on offer — as well as families looking to swim with the dolphins. There are also stellar beaches and two standout culinary favorites: fresh conch and Key lime pie.
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Explore Key Largo

  • Anglers Park
  • Tavernier
  • Key Largo

Anglers Park


The water-focused Anglers Park area offers divers and adventure seekers an underwater park, located just off of the coast, with crystal-clear water and stellar coral reefs. The area’s other draw? The chance to swim with dolphins.

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Nightlife , Diving, Dining, State Parks

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For a low-key afternoon on the water, rent a bike and explore Tavernier, the southernmost neighborhood in Key Largo. There are beaches, places to rent paddleboards and kayaks and the popular Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory to sample — you guessed it — Key lime Pie.

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Water Sports, Wildlife, Dining

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Key Largo


The downtown Key Largo neighborhood is a hot spot for both dining and water sports. Take guided tours of the surrounding ocean and bay, then dine on fresh fish and seafood — both at fine-dining restaurants and sand-between-your-toes beachside spots.

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Boating, Water Sports, Dining

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It’s Always Island Time In Key Largo, Florida

Two people snorkeling in the ocean

Cruise Key Largo

Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of downtown Key Largo, where your day’s biggest decision will be choosing which waterfront restaurant to visit to try conch, the local delicacy. Later, go on a guided paddleboarding tour to see the city from a different perspective.

Aerial view of coral reef

Take a Deep Dive Around Anglers Park

In Anglers Park, spend a majority of the day exploring the barrier reef, either snorkeling, diving or taking a boat tour. Afterward, take a swim with some dolphins and grab a fruity drink at a popular neighborhood bar.

Close up slice of key lime pie

Take It Easy in Tavernier

Spend a lazy Sunday in the easygoing neighborhood of Tavernier, where bikes are preferred to cars and leisurely days on the water are encouraged. Check out a bird rehabilitation center and lounge on the beach one last time.

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