Explore the timeless charms of Japan's former imperial city, a true blend of ancient tradition and modern elegance.
From temples and shrines to World Heritage Sites, Kyoto's historical significance becomes evident the moment you set foot in this former Japanese capital. Kyoto offers a captivating fusion of tradition and modernity. Traditional wooden machiya houses and graceful geiko coexist with the vibrant cuisine and cutting-edge technology found in the city center. Discover the past during the day and glimpse the future at night as Kyoto comes alive. It's a place where serene Zen gardens, bustling markets, ancient rituals, and contemporary art seamlessly merge to provide an enchanting insight into modern Japanese culture and life.
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Explore Kyoto

  • Kawaramachi
  • Saga-Arashiyama
  • Nijo
  • Sanjo
  • Kyotamba



Kawaramachi stands as the pulsating heart of Kyoto, Japan. The central hub heaves with shopping, dining, and entertainment options with streets cater to all tastes. Take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque Kamo River and venture into Pontocho, a narrow alley adorned with restaurants offering Kyoto's most delectable Japanese delicacies.

Known For

Shopping, Food

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Located in the western part of Kyoto, Saga-Arashiyama is a picturesque district offering a serene escape from the city's center. Renowned for its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, this region provides breathtaking views of lush bamboo forests and scenic mountains. Visitors can explore the enchanting Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, visit historic temples like Tenryu-ji, and savor matcha (Japanese green tea) at charming tea houses along its streets.

Known For

Nature, Wildlife

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Home to the majestic Nijo Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site celebrated for its exquisite architecture and beautiful gardens, Nijo is filled with cultural treasures. The district's quaint streets are intertwined with traditional machiya townhouses, offering glimpses of Kyoto's rich history. Nijo is an essential destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in Kyoto's timeless charm.

Known For

History, Castles

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Sanjo is celebrated for its lively atmosphere, modern amenities, and historical significance. Its main thoroughfare, Sanjo Street, is lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes, making it a popular destination for shopping and dining. Sanjo is also well-connected, providing easy access to many of Kyoto's famous attractions, including the numerous temples and shrines in Maruyama Park, making it an ideal base for exploring the city.

Known For

Shopping, Shrines

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Kyotamba, a picturesque rural region nestled in the western part of the broader Kyoto Prefecture, boasts serene landscapes and lush greenery. It's perfect for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life, with rolling hills, pristine rice paddies, and charming farming villages where traditional Japanese agriculture still thrives.

Known For

Nature, Waterfalls

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Experience Three Days of History, Eats and Sights in Kyoto

Nijo-jo Castle

Delve into Ancient Traditions

Start your journey at Nijo Castle, admired for its stunning architecture. Be transported back in time through the ancient traditions of Japan as you explore the castle grounds and its surroundings, including Shinsen-en Garden, Nijo Park, and Ninomaru-Goten Palace. Afterward, head to Nishiki Market for a deep dive into the textures, flavors, and scents of Japan's rich culinary traditions.

Jacob Surian Kyoto

Saunter Through the City Centre

Explore the historic Gion district and Ninenzaka. Walk along Hanamikoji Street before visiting the shrines and temples of Maruyama Park. Then it's time to hit Kyoto's bustling center to explore the various shopping, culinary and historical wonders that the city's heart has to offer. Passing over the picturesque Kamo River, you'll wander through the vibrant shopping and culinary oasis of Kawaramachi. 

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Get a Taste of Nature

Head out to Saga-Arashiyama for a leisurely stroll through the enchanting Bamboo Groves and the surrounding Arashiyama Park to reconnect with nature. Cross the Togetsu-kyo Bridge for an encounter with some adorable monkeys at the Arashiyama Monkey Park. You can also explore the beautiful Tenryu-ji Temple, with its lush gardens and historic buildings, before savoring a delicious meal at a local restaurant.

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