Business meets the beach in this coastal California town.

Nestled along the California coastline just south of Los Angeles lies the city of Long Beach. And while its location atop oil-rich land may explain the city’s storied relationship with industry, busy shipping ports and towering cranes are only a small part of its scene. There’s a buzzy downtown waterfront, where you’ll find an impressive aquarium, plenty of shops and restaurants and the famed Queen Mary — a historic British ocean liner decommissioned in the 1960s. An emerging arts district with galleries and colorful murals further distances the city from its industrial past, boasting trendy coffee shops and eclectic bars.

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Explore Long Beach

  • East Village Arts District
  • Downtown Long Beach
  • Belmont Shore & Naples

East Village Arts District


As the main arts district in Long Beach, the East Village is a hub for all things creative. The area is filled with galleries and artists’ studios decorated in colorful murals, funky boutiques and a number of trendy coffee shops and dining options.

Known For

Arts, Dining, Culture

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Downtown Long Beach


Although it’s home to Long Beach’s business district, downtown is also bursting with character and charm. Fourth Street’s Retro Row, thought to be the “soul of Long Beach,” is lined with vintage shops, while Pine Avenue has many of the area’s best restaurants and bars.

Known For

Shopping, Business, Entertainment, Dining

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Belmont Shore & Naples


The quintessential beach neighborhoods, Belmont Shore and Naples capture the energy of Long Beach in its totality. With plenty of dining and drinking options that pair well with the California sunshine, a slew of beaches and lagoons and Venice-inspired canals, you’ll never want to leave.

Known For

Beaches, Nightlife, Dining, Shopping

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Come to Long Beach, California, for the Ultimate Long Weekend

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Explore the Best of Downtown

Explore the best of downtown Long Beach on your first day. Stop for tasty meals and fresh seafood, go for a bike ride on the water and have some close encounters with sea creatures at the acclaimed aquarium.

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Taste Long Beach’s Sweeter Side

Get a taste for Long Beach’s sweeter side before soaking up the sun at its famous beaches, then travel to the Naples neighborhood, where you’ll swear you’ve been transported to the Italian waters of Venice, and finish the day with a beer and some delicious Southern food.

A "killer whale," or orca, surfaces in the ocean between Catalina Island and Long Beach, California

Soak In the Art Scene

Spend your last day exploring Long Beach’s arts scene, both from the street and inside museums and galleries, then dig in to vegan cuisine at a local hot spot before an afternoon of whale-watching and an indulgent dinner with the ultimate view.

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