Otherworldly desert terrain makes for an outdoor enthusiast’s playground.

Sandwiched between two national parks, Moab, Utah, is the town you think of when you dream about outdoor recreation followed up with an unforgettable meal. Here you can hike, bike, climb and raft amid the breathtakingly surreal red-rock formations dotting the desert terrain. And after you’ve filled your lungs with fresh air, Moab will pile your plate with some authentic Southwestern cuisine.

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Explore Moab

  • Moab Springs Ranch
  • Spanish Valley
  • Downtown Moab

Moab Springs Ranch


Thanks to its natural springs, this region has drawn in Ute people, ranchers and Butch Cassidy. Bobby and Ethel Kennedy once honeymooned in the area’s ranch house, which is now listed on the National Historic Register. You can stay here, too — or visit from downtown Moab (just a mile south) on your way to Arches National Park (4 miles north).

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Park, Sightseeing , Biking, Hiking

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Spanish Valley


In the late 1970s, grapes were planted in the town of Spanish Valley, 8 miles south of Moab. Today, Spanish Valley Vineyards & Winery cultivates grapes and bottles wine, welcoming guests for tours and tastings. Hiking trails and picturesque red-rock arches are also a draw.

Known For

Vineyard, Hiking Trails , Winery

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Downtown Moab


Downtown Moab is the place you go to relax — whatever that means to you — after a day of outdoor recreation. Whether you’re looking to drink and dine, indulge in a spa treatment or do a little shopping, this chill town center has you covered.

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Restaurant, Shopping , Nightlife, Bars

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Hike, Bike and Soak Up Moab, Utah’s Desert Wonderland

Man rock climbing on red rocks.

Hike the Slot

Hike the picturesque Mary Jane Slot Canyon, a 20-minute ride from Moab. Later, return to the city to explore the downtown area, including the Moab Food Truck Park, then visit the Moab Museum of Film & Western Heritage. For dinner, pull up to a plate of authentic Southwestern cuisine.

Two pieces of corn with sauce.

Take to Two Wheels

Get on your bike (or rent a pair of wheels) for an invigorating ride. Head to the top of the La Sal Mountains and cruise down on the famed Whole Enchilada Trail. Then stroll around the Moab Giants, a park dedicated to dinosaurs, before dinner at Moab Brewery.

Red rock formation in the shape of an arch.

Explore the National Parks

Spend your last day at two national parks, Arches and Canyonlands. One easy, rewarding hike is the Delicate Arch Trail (but the visitors center, just inside the park, can point you to the trail that suits you best). Afterward, get back in the car and take the 22-mile scenic drive through the park before heading to nearby Canyonlands National Park for more shape-shifted red rocks and a stunning sunset. Then it’s time for dinner at Sunset Grill.

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