This island is packed with everything from glitzy shopping to mega waves.

As the most populous of the Hawaiian islands, Oahu lives up to its nickname of the “Gathering Place.” With its modern skyline, trendy shops and chef-driven eateries, Honolulu is the urban heart of Oahu, buzzing with activity day and night. The island’s North Shore is home to small, laid-back oceanfront towns that epitomize a tropical paradise. No matter where you go on the island, the aloha spirit is omnipresent, and Hawaiian culture is intertwined with everything — from the art and food to the language and lore.

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Explore Oahu

  • Honolulu
  • Kapolei
  • The North Shore
  • Leeward Coast



The Hawaiian capital is a study in contrasts, with its high-rise-lined beaches and natural wonders like the volcanic Diamond Head mountain. On a visit to Honolulu, it’s possible to experience the scenic and buzzy Waikiki Beach, world-class boutiques, restaurants and historic sites like Pearl Harbor and Iolani Palace, the former home of the Hawaiian monarchy and the only royal residence in the U.S.

Known For

Dining, Nightlife, Museums, Shopping

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Geographically stunning and situated on the western side of the island, the Kapolei area is known for its golf courses. But it also boasts coastal parks with swimming beaches and so-called “mermaid caves” that fill with water.

Known For

Beaches, Golf , Parks

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The North Shore


Home to some of the most famous surf breaks in the world — also known as the Seven Mile Miracle — the North Shore of Oahu attracts the best in the sport. And even if you are not catching waves, the North Shore's many beaches, charming small towns and hiking trails will keep you busy.

Known For

Beaches, Gardens, Surfing

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Leeward Coast


Located at the foot of the dramatic Waianae mountain range, the Leeward Coast of Oahu offers picturesque beaches, prime dive spots and world-class golf facilities. Home to the sacred Kaena Point, this area is also steeped in history and Hawaiian lore.

Known For

Beaches, Golf, Water Sports

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Embrace Local Culture on Oahu, Hawaii

Large regal looking building at nighttime.

Explore Hawaiian History

From living history museums to royal palaces, Oahu has a central role in Hawaii’s past and culture. During the day, take a trip back in time and explore the many historic and cultural landmarks in Honolulu. At night, enjoy the best nightlife the island has to offer at the Hideout at the Laylow, a stylish lanai with great cocktails and live music.

Aerial view of tropical shoreline.

Get Moving

Hiking to the top of Diamond Head and trying your hand at outrigger canoeing are the best ways to explore the island and learn about unique aspects of Hawaiian culture. Plus, get another dose of history today with a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Surfer riding a big wave.

Dive Into Surf Culture

Surfing is not just a sport in Hawaii — it's an essential part of the local history and culture. Nowhere is this more evident than the North Shore. Explore this area's small towns and natural wonders, catch a few waves, have an açai bowl and watch the sunset.

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