Sandy beaches, bioluminescent bays and salsa dancing are just the beginning.
Puerto Rico's beaches may draw you in, but the famous mofongo (fried plantains with fried meat and chicken broth soup) and night swims in a bioluminescent bay will quickly top the list of your most memorable moments on this Caribbean island. Walk the cobblestone streets of San Juan, lined with colorful homes, and spend the afternoon zip lining high above the lush rainforests. The vast island makes it possible to surround yourself in several different scenes in a single weekend: Spend a day island hopping or hit up a casino before retreating to a secluded beachside oasis in the heart of historic Old San Juan.
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Explore Puerto Rico

  • San Juan
  • Dorado
  • Bayamón
  • Vieques

San Juan


For five centuries, San Juan has stood as the main cultural hub of the Caribbean — and it shows. Today, the city melds the cobblestone streets and colonial architecture of Old San Juan alongside picture-perfect backdrops of colorful homes and high-end gastronomy, as popular reggaeton beats echo through the streets. Spend the day at Castillo San Felipe del Morro learning about the city’s past, but save enough time and energy to visit Santurce. The stunning arts district includes a number of dining options at every price point and a buzzy nightlife.

Known For

Dining, Nightlife, Shopping , Art, Bars

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This city name translates to “golden,” and luxury experiences never stop here. Golfers will love the area's three Robert Trent Jones-designed courses, located just 11 miles from San Juan. Luxe resorts line unspoiled beaches, where visitors can indulge in a bamboo and stone massage or take a guided tour through El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest in the United States.

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Golfing, Resorts, Beaches

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If you’re a sports fan, you’ll probably find yourself in Bayamón — the men’s basketball, women’s volleyball and men’s soccer teams all play here at the Rubén Rodríguez Coliseum and Bayamón Soccer Complex. Not into sports? Visit the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico campus for the Manatee Conservation Center. Coexisting in one space, the number of sports and gardens make this area ideal for travelers looking to mingle with locals.

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Museums, Sports Facilities, Family Attractions

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Hop on a one-hour ferry or take a six-seater plane ride from the main island to experience a true local’s getaway. It's a place best seen from all angles: snorkel or scuba dive in super-clear waters, kayak through mangrove channels, hike to a 300-year-old ceiba tree or book a horseback tour on one of the many Paso Fino horses that freely roam the island. Plus, it's home to Mosquito Bay, the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world.

Known For

Beaches, Beach Activities

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Eat, Drink and Zip Line Your Way Through Puerto Rico

Ocean-side walkway in Old San Juan

Visit the Iconic Sites of San Juan

Jump into the past with a tour of the San Juan’s historical sites. You’ll work up an appetite roaming through the walled city — but that’s the point. Walking the blue cobblestone steps to any of the nearby eateries is part of the city’s charm.

Aerial view of Vieques

Wind Down and Relax in Vieques

You came to Puerto Rico to get away, so get ready to slow down and relax in Vieques. The remote island is home to Mosquito Bay, the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world. Wild horses roam free, and hidden beach coves will have you wondering if you’ve walked into a dream.

Two women drink pi�a coladas in front of a colorful wall

Gear Up for a Day of Exploration and Adventure

Start the day in San Juan with coffee and breakfast from local vendors and fuel up for some adventure: hike or zip line through the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. When the adrenaline wears off, stop in Bayamón for a meal and then get ready for a night out on the town in San Juan.

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