Old-world charm reigns in this enchanting Canadian city.

With more than 400 years of history, Quebec City is like an open-air museum. As the only walled city in the Americas north of Mexico and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, La Vieille Capitale delivers postcard-worthy views of imposing stone buildings, centuries-old churches and streets lined with charming boutiques and eateries. Quebec City prides itself on being the birthplace of French culture in North America, so bask in the Gallic vibes and take in the fairy-tale landscapes before indulging in the vibrant culture and culinary scene of this unique Canadian city.

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Explore Quebec City

  • Old Quebec
  • Saint Jean-Baptiste
  • Saint-Roch

Old Quebec


European architecture and old-world charm transform Vieux-Québec into a fairy-tale neighborhood. Colonial buildings, narrow streets, a castle and an ancient fort with towers make for quite the magical urban setting.

Known For

Museums, Historic Landmarks , Shopping, Dining

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Saint Jean-Baptiste


With its colorful houses, bistros, bakeries and independent book and record stores, Saint Jean-Baptiste draws the crowds with its bohemian charm and unique character. This small district buzzes with activity at night thanks to its many music venues, pubs and bars.

Known For

Dining, Shopping, Entertainment

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Old meets new in this faubourg, once Quebec City's liveliest commercial area. The vibrant district is now home to tech headquarters, artists, the city's best restaurants, hip microbreweries, bars and unique shops.

Known For

Dining, Shopping, Nightlife, Entertainment

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Explore Modern Culture and Centuries-Old History in Quebec City, Canada

A snowy street lined with old buildings

Take a Trip Back in Time

Take in more than 400 years of history in Old Quebec and have fun doing so. Museums, castles, fortified walls — every building here has a story to tell. Put on your most comfortable shoes and get exploring.

A croissant on a plate

Immerse Yourself in Francophone Culture

As the birthplace of French culture in North America, Quebec City is the perfect place to get to know the unique traditions of Francophones in this corner of the world. So brush up on your French and dive into French Canadian customs.

A line of buildings against a blue sky

Explore Modern Culture in Quebec City

Some of the city's oldest districts are now energetic hubs of technology, modern art and gastronomy. And the best way to get to know this contemporary side of Quebec City is to explore its buzzing neighborhoods.

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