This dynamic town draws in high rollers, art fans and nature lovers.

Reno, Nevada, has transformed over the past few decades, ushering in a lively cosmopolitan atmosphere that’s a favorite among high rollers, art aficionados, and nature lovers alike. The streets in Midtown are lined with dozens of murals by both local and international artists, the restaurant scene dazzles with cuisines from around the world and outdoor activities abound — thanks to its close proximity to Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

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Explore Reno

  • Midtown
  • Riverwalk District
  • Downtown



Midtown is loaded with cool attractions, and the surrounding streets are filled with more than 80 murals painted by both local and international artists. There’s farm-to-table restaurants, theaters and hip dive bars — all of which makes it a must-visit, both by day and by night.

Known For

Art, Cocktail Bars, Restaurants

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Riverwalk District


If Reno seems changed since your last visit, it’s because this dynamic district has added verve to downtown. Lined with restaurants, pubs, museums and boutiques, Reno’s Riverwalk is as lively as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Known For

Dining, Museums, Shopping

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Crammed with casinos, restaurants, bars and other attractions, this is the part of town to plant yourself in when you want the most Reno experience possible.

Known For

Dining, Casinos, Bars

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Explore City Life and Natural Wonders in Reno, Nevada

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Dive Into Downtown

Dive right into Reno by spending the day exploring the downtown area and enjoying the revitalized Riverwalk District. Pop into any one of the many casinos and set aside time to explore museums, like the Nevada Museum of Art or the National Automobile Museum.

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Get Out of Town

The greater Reno area is filled with spectacular nature. Hiking trails abound. So say goodbye to the bustle of central Reno today and head to the hills for some exceptional trekking around the majestic Pyramid Lake.

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Let’s Have Some Fun

Spend your final day in Reno embracing the city’s quirky side: Do a street-art stroll through hip Midtown to see large-scale murals commissioned by local and visiting artists. Visit the National Bowling Stadium, then enjoy the curiosities in a taxidermy-filled gift shop.

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