Take in the culture of a big city with small-town Texas charm.

San Antonio is the most visited city in Texas for a reason — its heart is steeped in history, with cultural troves around every corner. The diverse food, art and entertainment are testament to intertwined Mexican and Southwestern influences, which give this city its one-of-a-kind character. But San Antonio’s charm isn’t limited to remnants of the past, as the present-day city teems with energy, thanks to its many museums, creative communities and lively nightlife.

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Explore San Antonio

  • Downtown & River Walk
  • East Side
  • King William Historic District
  • Alamo Heights

Downtown & River Walk


The San Antonio River snakes through this central downtown neighborhood, which is one of the most visited spaces in the city thanks to its many museums, markets and restaurants. The River Walk is a pedestrian-only street, which only makes this lively area even more walkable.

Known For

Museums, Street Markets, Restaurants, Galleries, Theaters

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East Side


This historic neighborhood is an important hub for African American history, as it's home to Ellis Alley, the city's first African American settlement founded after emancipation. Lose yourself among the landmarks and explore the locally owned businesses dotted throughout this sprawling residential district.

Known For

Landmarks, Museums, Restaurants, Venues

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King William Historic District


Wander the streets of this laid-back neighborhood, where artists and locals come for the flourishing creative atmosphere. Whether you hit a microbrewery, public art display or locally owned restaurant, prepare to be greeted like a local.

Known For

Bars, Art Galleries, Shopping, Coffee Shops

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Alamo Heights


Positioned alongside the Broadway Cultural Corridor, Alamo Heights is rich in scenic parks and art museums with a slower pace than the buzzy downtown area. Its historic residential areas include the mansion of George Brackenridge, one of the city's earliest settlers.

Known For

Shopping, Bars, Museums, Restaurants

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Embark on a Multicultural Exploration of San Antonio, Texas

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Walk Through Historic Downtown

Start at Alamo Mission in the heart of San Antonio before strolling the Downtown River Walk. Continue to the Historic Market Square, where you can shop and snack before finishing the day with a light show at the San Fernando Cathedral.

Exterior of a historic home-turned-restaurant

Appreciate the Arts

Brunch at the historic Guenther House before getting lost in the exhibits at the Blue Star Contemporary art museum. End the day at Friendly Spot Ice House, where you can rest your feet and indulge in some beer and bar food.

Couple stroll on raised wooden pathway through public garden

Explore Storied Blocks

Kick off the day in the St. Paul Square Historic District, which is known for its Gothic Revival architecture. Experience the best of Southern food at Mrs. Kitchen and head to the McNay Art Museum to see some of the greats (Cézanne, Picasso, Matisse and O’Keeffe, to name a few).

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