Snowcapped Andes mountains are a stunning backdrop to this artistic, historic city.
Surrounded by snowcapped Andean peaks, Santiago lies in a valley where history and modernity coexist. Known for its glass skyscrapers and neoclassical buildings, the cosmopolitan capital of Chile captivates with its plentiful museums and galleries and dynamic nightlife. Santiago is a city where the past weaves through every corner of urban culture, and its heart is where the artists live and create.
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Explore Santiago, Chile

  • Barrio Lastarria
  • Bellavista
  • Barrio Bellas Artes
  • Barrio Italia

Barrio Lastarria


Lastarria’s zigzagging cobblestoned pathways are filled with art studios and trendy restaurants. Get lost in its myriad art galleries, design shops and cafés, but don’t forget the striking Centro Gabriela Mistral (GAM) — the copper-colored ironwork façade of this cultural center is an eye-catcher.

Known For

Architecture, Street Fairs, Art, Museums

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Located at the foot of San Cristóbal Hill — which offers one of the city’s best views after a gondola ride to the top — Bellavista has become the center of Santiago’s nightlife. Restaurants, bars and multiple theaters line the streets of this renowned neighborhood.

Known For

Dining, Nightlife

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Barrio Bellas Artes


The city’s most impactful hubs for art and history reside within a single green space: Parque Forestal. Visitors come to see the exhibits at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, but the century-old, tree-filled landscape they dwell on is worth the visit, too.

Known For

Museums, Art Galleries, Parks

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Barrio Italia


Barrio Italia is the epicenter of design in Chile. Streets are lined with clothing shops, antiques stores and art studios. Colorful and charming, the galleries in this neighborhood are filled with art from local artists. Plus, there are plenty of high-end dining options when you’re ready to indulge.

Known For

Design, Art, Galleries, Dining

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3 Days of Storied Experiences in Santiago, Chile

Palace of La Moneda

Santiago’s Cultural Wonders and Traditional Cuisine

From an iconic palace and art-packed cultural center to a hilltop view, street musicians and classic culinary delights, this journey through the heart of the capital has a little bit of everything.

Santiago Metropolitan Park Cable Car

A Castle, an Unforgettable View and Pablo Neruda’s Home

You’ll find more of Santiago’s gems surrounding San Cristóbal Hill. Start your day with the best panoramic view of the city, enjoy the evening with a tipple or two from a cocktail stall and top it all off with some Indigenous cuisine.

Santiago, Chilé

Brunch, Luxe Shopping and Chile’s Largest Open-Air Bar

Stroll through Santiago’s parks before shopping at exclusive designer boutiques. Finish your day (and trip) strong with dinner as incredible as the high-design environment it’s served in.

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