This cool desert town is surrounded by a wonderland of rock formations and energy vortexes.
Geological and energetic wonders abound in Sedona, an Arizona mecca that calls to all seekers of surreal landscapes, spiritual connection, art and alternative wellness practices. The drama created by Mother Nature in this Sonoran Desert city is nothing short of inspired. Trails, vineyards, vortexes and canyons — in a recognizable green and red palette — create palpable magic. Famous for its powerful energy centers, Sedona is home to plenty of New Age shops, galleries and practitioners.
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Explore Sedona

  • West Sedona
  • Village of Oak Creek
  • Uptown Sedona

West Sedona


For locals, this neighborhood is the center of business, with some favorite eateries. But for nature lovers, it’s the way to lush Boynton Canyon, one of the best-known vortexes, spectacular hikes and exhilarating and winding mountain biking trails.

Known For

Vortexes, Trails, Hiking, Business

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Village of Oak Creek


South of Sedona city limits but with a Sedona postal code, this bedroom community is a hub for hiking, adventure tours and golf. Also known as Big Park, it’s the laid-back home to some of the most breathtaking red rock formations imaginable, including Bell Rock.

Known For

Hiking, Restaurants, Golf, Camping, Adventure

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Uptown Sedona


Walkable and full of energy, the center of Sedona feels like a small town saturated with charm, color and shopping, all with a light New Age flair. It has many storied restaurants and bars, plus it is a departure point for can’t-miss Pink Jeep Tours.

Known For

Shopping, Culture , Restaurants, Galleries

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Soak Up Natural Wonders in Sedona, Arizona

two Jeeps driving over red rocks

Embark on an Off-Road Adventure

Hit the rugged ground running with an electrifying Pink Jeep Tour, then savor the Wild West history of Uptown Sedona’s popular Cowboy Club. Later, lean in to the area’s New Age culture through a one-on-one session with a local spirit guide.

Three glasses of wine.

Experience the Energy Vortexes and Red Rocks

Dedicate your second day to exploring the wide-open outdoors, red rocks, canyons, vortexes and all the natural wonders of Sedona. A hearty half-day hike will be rewarded with some Arizona wine and a stunning display of stars.

Arched entrance

Visit an Artist Community

Start the morning with an invigorating sunrise climb. Or if vacation to you means sleeping in, simply relax and explore Sedona’s landscape on a winding scenic drive that hits sacred landmarks and a particularly spectacular sunset vista.

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