Enrich your stay in Koh Samui with a range of culinary opportunities. Taste the authentic flavors of Thailand and try local Chaweng Noi Beach specialties at the beachside bars and restaurants at Sheraton Samui Resort.



Coco Scoop


美味しい朝食に定評のあるサムイ島のレストラン「Coco Scoop」では、味わい豊かな各国料理とタイ料理をご提供。 オープンキッチンと屋外ダイニングルームを備えた、カジュアルで楽しい雰囲気のビーチリゾート レストランです。

6:30 〜 11:00

Long Talay


パノラマのオーシャンビューと本格的なタイ料理をご堪能いただける、ビーチフロントのレストランをご予約ください。 当リゾートのフレンドリーで配慮の行き届いたホスピタリティと、地元料理や南部料理、タイ風カクテルやクラフトビールをご満喫ください。

11:00 〜 23:00

Blue Monkey


ビーチ沿いのレストラン「Blue Monkey」の屋外に設けたお席でお食事をお楽しみください。 ビーチバー&レストランでは、フレンドリーなサービスと、個性あふれるカクテル、ワイン、ステーキ、地元で採れた新鮮なシーフードをご提供。 サムイ島の素晴らしい景色を眺めながらごゆっくりお過ごしください。

11:00 〜 23:00

Lobby Bar


ロビーラウンジで、アジア各国のおつまみ、ビール、上質なワインを楽しみながら、ご家族やご友人とくつろぎのお時間をどうぞ。 ガラス張りのバルコニーからビーチ、中庭、ガーデンプールを一望できる、サムイ島のシックなバーへお立ち寄りください。

11:00 〜 17:00
Long Talay Features
All-day Beachfront Dining

Sample the freshest seafood, Thai and International dishes as the whitewashed woods and furnishings from natural materials conjure up images of your dream house by the sea. Hours: From 11:00 – 23:00 hrs.

Variety of International and Asian Cuisine

The Long Talay menu features International and Asian favourites with specialty dishes from Thailand, China, India and Indonesia alongside main dishes celebrating world cuisine. Sample healthy salad choices, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, pasta and succulent cuts from the grill. For family dining, create a daily menu of tasty dishes for children ages 12 and younger with our all-inclusive dining package for children.

Beach and Pool Menus

Relax and sample a selection of Thai and International favorites from Long Talay Restaurant. At the Garden Pool, please use the phone beside the towel counter to order. At the Beach Pool and beach, please just ring the bell beside your lounger to order.



0.3 KM

You can always try nicely cooked seafood and tasty pasta - a special offer of Panali.
The Hungry Wolf

2.8 KM

We are an European restaurant and we are most famous for our burgers and pizza, but you can also find vast selection of Thai food, steaks, pasta, vegetarian and healthy options.
Baan Ya Jai Thai Restaurant

5.0 KM

Baan Ya Jai is a new project by the chef Atitaya Paitoon. After working for a few years with the top ranked Khaw Glong Thai restaurant, she decided to go on her own and put her own touch to the most popular Thai cuisine dishes.
Dara Serene Restaurant

5.3 KM

Delight in fresh, delicious food and stunning views at this romantic restaurant on the beach.
Prego Italian Restaurant

5.3 KM

Sample Koh Samui's most authentic Italian cuisine at this restaurant, complete with an upscale ambiance.
Giulietta e Romeo

5.8 KM

“Romeo and Juliet are stealing the show of taste and true titalian tradition, in a place designed to enhance all your senses”. At Giulietta e Romeo , Culinary Art and Passion goes hand in hand in pure Italian Style.
Khaw Glong Thai Restaurant

5.9 KM

Enjoy authentic Thai cuisine cooked fresh to order at this charming dining venue.