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Catering Services: Food & Drink

Catering to a sense of place.

The days of rubber chicken from catering are over. (So are the boring bars.)

Now’s the time for fresh seasonal harvests. For chefs with local producers. For farm-to-table eating.

You’re looking for tapas, build-it-yourself plates and artisanal treats. Comfort foods (but lighter versions). Small bites and big flavors. Desserts to take away.

And non-traditional break options like food trucks, juice stands, nuts, dried fruit and candy bars.

You appreciate craft beverages, flavor-balanced cocktails, homemade infusions and limited batches.

And you’re passionate about your health goals; you expect respect for dietary restrictions, and you care about your footprint.

We hear you. Now it’s time to see how Marriott catering services has redefined dining.

(And our chefs have asked to take it from there.)

Los Angeles Airport Marriott catering options
Los Angeles Airport Marriott

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