This magnolia-scented Florida Panhandle city delivers eclectic history and plenty of sunshine.

Pensacola, Florida, is best known for its pristine beaches and unique history — the Spanish, French, British, Confederate and American flags have all flown over this city. Located minutes from Alabama along the Gulf Coast, and with more than 300 days of sunshine annually on average, it's a dream destination year-round. Above all, this is a city with range: You can find white-tablecloth fine dining as easily as no-fuss seafood shacks.

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Explore Pensacola

  • North Pensacola
  • Pensacola Beach
  • Downtown Pensacola

North Pensacola


How often are you able to completely immerse yourself in nature and still have access to top-tier fashion within minutes? That's what visitors to the North Pensacola neighborhood get, thanks to the half-mile boardwalk through Thompson Bayou, 85 species of fish in the Escambia River and a shopping mall housing every big name store.

Known For

Nature, Shopping

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Pensacola Beach


It's all about embracing the outdoors at Pensacola Beach. Lined with emerald-green waters, the Gulf Coast barrier island resort community is a prime spot for lounging on white-sand beaches, stand-up paddleboarding and visiting the sea turtles along the 8.5-mile eco-trail.

Known For

Relaxing, Water Sports, Dining

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Downtown Pensacola


The downtown neighborhood is where you can experience the historic and energetic heart of Pensacola. Take a trip back through the city’s more than 450-year history by way of area museums, or visit modern attractions like the Gallery Night food trucks and Palafox Place boutiques.

Known For

Shopping, History, Dining

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Enjoy Laid-Back Beach Days in Pensacola, Florida

Tacos on plate

Visit the Historic Downtown

Start the trip with a history lesson downtown at a couple of museums that explore the city’s rich 450-year heritage. Then transport yourself squarely to the modern era by sampling local flavors at food trucks and fine-dining establishments.

Beer on tap filling glass

Indulge in Fashion, Fish and Fun

The unique North Pensacola neighborhood is the prime destination for immersing yourself in nature along the bayou — but it's also where you’ll find some of the best shopping in the city. Start by exploring the riverbanks before returning to excitement at the Pensacola Interstate Fair, Cordova Mall or Five Flags Speedway.

Boats in harbor

Take in the Sunshine

On your final day in town, it's all about embracing the coastal way of life. Head to Pensacola Beach for emerald-green waters, an 8.5-mile eco-trail and plenty of flip-flop-friendly dining.

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