Danzigerkade 175, Amsterdam 1013 AP Netherlands
+31 20 308 1780

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MOXY Amsterdam Houthavens
Front Desk


DJ Lounge
DJ Swing & Sing
DJ Swing & Sing - Lounge Area
The Library
The Library
Sunny Side Spying Spot
Blank Canvas
Grab & Go


Moxy Bar
Moxy Bar - Lounge Area
Moxy Gossip Spot - Bar
Breakfast Bar
The Now
Gym & Tonic Lounge
The Fireside - Foosball Spot

Recreation & Fitness

Fitness Center
Fitness Center
Fitness Center


DJ Lounge

Events & Meetings

Brainstorm Meeting Room
Prepare Meeting Room
Prepare & Work It Out Meeting Room - Classroom Setup
Nail Down the Details Meeting Room - Conference Setup

Moxy Amsterdam Houthavens