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Lobby & Atrium Bar
Downtown Paris hotel exterior
5-star hotel entrance in Paris
Paris hotel beehive
Rooftop Hive

Guest Rooms

Guest Room / Family Room
Deluxe Guest Room
5-star hotel room in Paris
Deluxe Guest Room
Hotel guest rooms in Paris
Deluxe Guest Room
Hotel room in downtown Paris
Double/Double Superior Guest Room
Superior King Guest Room
Downtown Paris hotel room
King Superior Guest Room
Terrace Guest Room
Guest room - Champs Elysees View
Luxury hotel in Champs Elysees
Champs Elysees View Room
Champs Elysees hotel room
Champs-Elysees View
Champs Elysees luxury hotel room
Champs-Elysees View
Champ Elysees 5-star hotel room
Champs-Elysees View
Luxury hotel room on Champs-Elysees
Champs-Elysees View
Downtown Paris hotel lobby
Lobby View
5-star Paris hotel room
Sacre Ceour View Room
Guest room in Paris hotel
Skyline View Guest Room
5 star Paris hotel room
Skyline View Guest Room
Hotel room on Champs Elysees
Skyline View Guest Room Patio
Luxury Paris hotel guest bathroom
Guest Bathroom


Presidential Suite - Arc de Triomphe
Presidential Suite - Arc de Triomphe
Paris presidential suite
Presidential Suite - Living Area
Presidential suite in Paris
Presidential Suite
Presidential suite in Paris
Presidential Suite - Sleeping Area
Hotel suite in Paris
Vice Presidential View Suite - Living room
Vice Presidential Suite - Eiffel Tower View
5-star hotel suite in Paris
Vice Presidential View Suite - Bedroom
Luxury Paris hotel suite
King Suite
Champs-Elysees View
Champs-Elysees View
Parlor Suite
Parlor Suite
Champs Elysees hotel suite
Junior Suite Champs Elysées View
Junior Suite - Champs Elysees View
Paris hotel suite living room
Suite Living Room
Downtown Paris hotel guest bathroom
Suite Bathroom


Lobby & Atrium Bar
Paris hotel lobby bar
Bar Atrium
Paris city center dining
Bar Atrium
Hotel bar lobby in Paris
Bar Atrium
Champs Elysees hotel lobby bar
Bar Atrium - Cocktails
Champ Elysees hotel lobby restaurant
Bar Atrium - Details
Paris hotel breakfast
Bar Atrium - Breakfast
Paris hotel afternoon tea
Bar Atrium - English Afternoon Tea
Afternoon tea in Paris hotel
Bar Atrium - Oriental Afternoon Tea
Outdoor terrace in Paris hotel
The Adjoining Terrace
Outdoor dining in Paris hotel
The Adjoining Terrace
Paris hotel pastries
La Pâtissee des Rêves
Terrace restaurant in Paris
Outdoor Terrace
Downtown Paris hotel French restaurant
Le Restaurant
Breakfast buffet in Paris hotel
Le Restaurant - Breakfast Buffet
Le Restaurant - Breakfast Buffet
Courtyard Terrace
Champs Elysees hotel outdoor terrace
Champs Elysees - Outdoor Terrace

Recreation & Fitness

Nearby Attractions

Montmartre Sacre Coeur in Paris
Montmartre Sacre Coeur

Events & Meetings

Louvre Meeting Room
Ballroom Foyer
Ballroom Foyer - Coffee Break
Grand Ballroom - Cabaret Setup
Grand Ballroom - Gala Reception
Grand Ballroom - Classroom Setup
Grand Ballroom - Theatre Setup
Grand Ballroom - U Shape Setup
Montmartre Meeting Room - Boardroom
Etoile Meeting Room - Boardroom Setup
Saint-Germain Boardroom
Paris hotel ballrom
Grand Ballroom - Rounds Setup
Hotel ballroom in Paris
Grand Ballroom - Reception Setup
Paris hotel cocktails
Catering Details
Outdoor venue at Paris hotel
Outdoor Terrace – Social Event Setup
Paris hotel outdoor venue space
Outdoor Terrace – Reception Setup
Cocktail Pieces
Event breaks in Paris Hotel
Coffee Breaks


Grand Ballroom - Wedding Reception

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