243 Tresser Boulevard, Stamford, Connecticut 06901 USA
+1 203-357-9555

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Hotel in Stamford CT
Stamford Hotel Lobby
hotels in Downtown Stamford Ct
Front Desk & Lobby

Guest Rooms

King Deluxe Guest Room
Double/Double Concierge Guest Room
King Concierge Guest Room
Queen Concierge Guest Room
Guest Bathroom


Hospitality Suite - Living Area
Parlor Suite - Bar Area
Junior Suite

Services & Amenities

Stamford Lounge
Concierge Lounge


Stamford Bars
Northern Lights Lounge
Stamford Bar and lounge
Northern Lights Lounge
Stamford restaurants
Sam's American Bistro

Recreation & Fitness

Indoor / Outdoor Pool
Indoor / Outdoor Pool
Stamford Fitness
Fitness Center

Events & Meetings

Meeting Space in Stamford
Skyline Boardroom
Stamford Meeting
Mezzanine Boardroom
Stamford Ct Event Space
Wedding Venues in Stamford
Grand Ballroom - Salons E&F
Stamford Meetings
Junior Ballroom


Wedding Venues in Stamford
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