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Receive 20% or more off our standard room rates when you stay 3 nights or longer

The longer you stay, the better the savings are, up to 30%. The offer is only available for stays of 3 nights or more and includes a 20% discount off the flexible guest room rate - the standard rate. The discount is already applied to the rate. No further reduction will be applied. Changes to the length of stay may result in a rate change, including early departures.


Kir Royale

Avec Amour! A Magical stay for your Valentine

Choose a magical stay to share a unique moment in the City of Lights and Love in one of the most legendary jazz clubs in Paris since 1975!

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Cheers to the Season with Le Méridien

Vive La Fête! This winter, entertain and be entertained wherever travel may take you. Celebrate the season with “La Fête” by Le Méridien.

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