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"Together we contribute to the protection of our Fenua through multiple sustainability initiatives and by inspiring our people to protect the environment, preserve the culture and support the local population.”

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Natura Ora

Tahitian for “Living Nature,” Natura Ora is the resort’s sustainability initiative dedicated to protecting the environment, supporting local people and communities, preserving French Polynesian culture, and practicing more responsible consumption.

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Sustainable Development

“This is such an incredible destination, rich with cultural and environmental treasures,” states Lucie-Léa Viot, the resort’s Sustainable Development Officer. “I’m proud to be given the opportunity to bring our vision for Natura Ora to life, ensuring that French Polynesia’s fenua, its people, and its culture thrive for many years to come.”

Polynesian Activities

Local Products

We are committed to utilizing locally sourced products, giving us the opportunity to highlight local offerings and reduce our carbon footprint. Our Chef sources the highest quality ingredients from local fisherman & farmers. By applying his distinct cooking style to the locally sourced ingredients our guests can enjoy a unique culinary experience highlighting the rich diversity of French Polynesia’s produce.

Natura Ora

With the natural beauty and rich culture of French Polynesia as two of Bora Bora’s greatest assets, The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort takes preserving and protecting the local community and environment seriously. To that end, the resort developed its Natura Ora initiative.

Coral Cutting Activity

As part of the sustainable development program implemented by The St Regis Bora Bora Resort entitled Natura Ora, a coral discovery and a coral cutting workshop is offered by Sea Narea who will be sharing with you its knowledge about the coral reefs and cultivating memories that will last well beyond your stay.

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Preserve the Environment

The reduction of waste is essential for the preservation of the environment. By educating associates and customers on how to improve sorting and recycling, we contribute to the protection of the local biodiversity. Our priority is to repair and reuse as many materials as possible.


Consume Responsibly

Using renewable energies is essential for responsible consumption. Sourcing local and sustainable products allows us to reduce energy use and raw material consumption, while benefiting from local expertise.

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Take Care of People

To take care of our planet, we must also take care of the people who live here. Promoting healthy habits and a positive work-life balance is integral to retaining our local employees and maintaining their happiness and well-being.

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Get Involved with Local Associations

Our commitment to local associations allows us to conduct donations, provide supplies and goods to those in need, and encourage participation in volunteer work.

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Preserve the Richness of the Local Culture

The richness of Polynesian culture allows us to promote local know-how, to keep local traditions alive and to support sports events and organizations.

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